bhubaneswar in race for world smart city awards | bhubaneswar news - times of india - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-03
bhubaneswar in race for world smart city awards | bhubaneswar news - times of india  -  smart
New Delhi: boubaneswar became the first Indian city to take part in the world smart cities Awards final in Barcelona later this month.
The capital of Odisha is one of the first 20 cities to be selected as smart cities, the flagship project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
According to the Ministry of Urban Development sources, boubaneswar has submitted a proposal to the evaluation committee of the world smart city award organized by the World Congress of Smart City Expo (SCEWC).
Any Indian City entering the final is a huge achievement in itself, as the smart city plan was launched only a year ago.
Developing 100 smart cities is a big task.
An official with the Indian Ministry of Commerce said it acknowledged that the efforts of Indian cities on a global scale will encourage other cities to do better.
He added that the Bhubaneswar team had to give a speech in front of the jury for winning the award.
In order to identify cities, projects and innovative ideas in line with sustainable urban development, the world smart city award was established.
According to SCEWC's official portal, hundreds of proposals have been received from major Smart City players around the world, and the purpose of these awards is to be recognized, promote and support innovative solutions or strategies that may change the lives of citizens by improving efficiency, creating business and improving quality of life.
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