bibliofiles: try it before you buy it at the library - tablets you can draw on-ITATOUCH-img

bibliofiles: try it before you buy it at the library - tablets you can draw on

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-12
bibliofiles: try it before you buy it at the library  -  tablets you can draw on
With only 32 sleep left until the big day, your library is here to help you relieve some stress from the peak of your holiday season.
Does anyone on your shopping list ask you to play video games with your library card? You can borrow them from us first to make sure they are compatible with your system. Suitable for your family and for everyone.
Or maybe you want a new game console, but not sure what to bring with Santa, all you need to do is visit your local library and take the time to play.
Spruce Grove Public Library even has a racing simulator in their innovation lab, so if you're going to surprise someone with something big, before you make such a big investment, jump on the driver's seat for trial operation.
If you don't have enough space to accommodate something as big as a racing seat, you can try a variety of tech toys including: VR, lego mind storm, lego WeDo, Spheros, osmo, littleBits, sheets, drawing pads, and more!
You can also ask what e-reader we are going to buy, what e-reader your library card can use, and what are the different features of different models.
Don't forget to sign up or update your free library card when you're there --
This is our gift for you to get free materials, online resources, virtual programs, activities, computer use, WiFi and more every day.
We want you to put "go to the library" on top of you
Make a list so you can enjoy everything we have except books, audio
Books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, literacy kits . . . . . .
Call your nearby library to talk about what their location can offer and find out where you can find more to try in the entire TriRegion.
Each library has its own collection, but if we don't have what you want, we can bring materials from any library in Alberta.
It takes a little extra time, so visit as soon as possible and get in touch with us in Parkland County (
List all phone numbers)Spruce Forest (780-962-4423)
And the stone plain (780-963-5440).
No matter what time of the year, we are always happy to help!
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