bikaner students bid to exhibit multi-touch tech at global meet | jaipur news - times of india - i

bikaner students' bid to exhibit multi-touch tech at global meet | jaipur news - times of india - interactive whiteboard technology

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-23
bikaner students\' bid to exhibit multi-touch tech at global meet | jaipur news - times of india  -  interactive whiteboard technology
Jaipur: Bikaner, a third-year student in information technology at the School of Engineering, works with his three project partners to drive their papers on multiple projects
Touch technology to be released at ACM interactive desktop and surface International Conference
The 2010 session will be held on November in salbrüken, Germany.
"We have been assured that the project will be presented and presented at the meeting, but if the paper is published, it will bring us a different world," Anand said . ".
In the past two years, Anand and his university partners, aniroud Sharma, Rahul motiya and Sudan Shu gaotam, have worked hard
Touch screen, can accept up to 10 different touch commands at a time. “The multi-
Touch interaction can make a dayto-
"It's easier to interact with the computer on a daily basis, which is exciting for us," he said . ".
For example, he said, "After 80year-
The old man who has no experience in using electronic products will find the computer difficult to use, but he can still interact with the computer through gestures.
"Starting with the idea of making computer interaction simpler, four people finally started the project in 2008 without knowing the exact results.
"We are not even sure if there will be any closer to this," Anand said . ".
However, their persistence, the guidance of their mentors, jananda Jain and hajette Singh, as well as the president of the University, M. p. with the support of Poonia, they make sure students get what they need to turn their dreams into reality
After developing the first phase, the Anand and team took the project first to IIT Kanpur in February 2009 with confidence, where it won the first prize in the open hardware and best hardware project.
NASA scientist David Hansen observed there.
"His encouraging feedback makes it all more special," he said . ".
This is just the beginning and the team has also won 20 awards, including the first prize of the Bombay Institute of International Technology and Delhi Institute of International Technology.
Even Google recommended it in the Summer of Code 2009 and 2010.
This technology can be used to locate the uplink information of landmarks, planning days, mobile phones, games, concept mapping, and provide enhanced multi-
Media experience.
Its collaboration and guidance on the interactive whiteboard can also enhance the dining experience at the restaurant as people can order, ask for refills, split checks, pay bills while dining.
Students are building networks with students across the country to develop the technology.
"This is a new technology and there is not much work done in this area.
We keep in touch with students in Bangalore and Kanpur to develop the same technology, "said Anand, who plans to use the technology commercially.
For the four, this is only wishful thinking.
Last year at IIT Kanpur, an entrepreneur offered them the opportunity to install the technology at the train station kiosk between Delhi and Patna.
"This is a huge challenge for us, but we are confident in the technology.
We're still developing it for bugs.
"Free commercial use," he said, adding further that they were in touch with the entrepreneurs who made the offer and were good --
Adjust the project accordingly.
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