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bill gates: how to be super-rich, or save the world trying - smart board sizes

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-19
bill gates: how to be super-rich, or save the world trying  -  smart board sizes
Today, the differences between the rich and the poor occupy a great position in the minds of the United States.
What is Bill Gates's suggestion on this issue? -
Specifically, what is his advice to those who are poor but would rather be rich?
A young student from Beijing posed to Microsoft.
The founder gave a widely watched speech at the University of Washington on Thursday.
Her elders always ask her what she wants to do when she grows up, she said.
"My answer is always 'I want to be the richest man in the world'," she said '.
"Here I am, here you are. . .
I want to be you
What advice would you give someone like me to be someone like you?
"So Gates has started one of many thoughts on the wealth gap, tax law, health care reform, the future of technology ---
How to make sure there is a livable world to enjoy all this.
In the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at his hometown University, the atmosphere on Thursday showed that a Prince came back from the battlefield in line with the troops.
Beard and Facebook T-graduate in engineering and computer science
Around the five-story lecture hall, the shirts are arranged on the balcony and gathered on the open stairs.
The professors laughed excitedly.
"I didn't dream of becoming a superstar at first.
Gates said he spoke casually in navy blue slacks and gray wool jumpers.
"I think most of the people who do well find something that they're just a little crazy about.
They then came up with a way to hire their friends to do it with them.
If this is an area that has a big impact, then sometimes you get some level of financial independence.
"But wealth is above a certain level, and in general it is a responsibility, then you have to either)
Leave it to your children, it may be good for them or it may not be good for them, or B)
Be smart to give it away.
"I can understand that I want to have millions of dollars, because the freedom that comes with it is definitely meaningful.
But I have to tell you that it is the same burger once you go above and beyond.
"At the same time, he said that, despite the reasonable attention given to the wealth gap, trends around the world are getting better, not worse.
"Today's world is more unfair than ever in history," he said . ".
"That is to say, poor countries are richer and faster than rich countries.
Therefore, the number of people living in extreme poverty, the percentage of the population, in all-
Time is low today and is continuing to decline.
One measure, he says, is early childhood mortality, down from 20 million a year 50 years ago to less than 8 million a year.
"You are right. there is some great wealth. . .
It is not good to have a society that has no mobility between different income levels.
That is to say, education should be good enough if you are born in the penultimate position, and you have a reasonable opportunity to enter the first or second fourth.
So if you really look at where we let people down from the perspective of the American dream. . .
I don't think it's because some people are very rich.
I would say this is because we did a bad job in education and didn't give them the chance to get to the top 2%.
"Some other thoughts from the Gates family: How Computers give us the ability to eradicate diseases: Gates said," I 've been working most of the time to eliminate the last few countries that still have polio, he predicted that a project could be completed within three years.
The computer model of malaria in Africa now allows researchers to enter data sets on the menus of population, population movements, weather and possible interventions.
The result is a strong sign of transmission
Blocking Vaccines combined with other tools can end the disease, which are tailored to individual regions.
"The whole idea of this model is to say how strongly we have to use these tools or invent new ones.
This model will drive the world's efforts to eliminate malaria.
"About how improving health conditions in areas like Africa can actually help to control the global population:" It turns out that as people get healthier and nutrition improves, they have decided to build a smaller family. . .
So today, most countries in the world are below replacement levels.
"The peak population, once projected at 20 billion, is now close to 9 billion, although big data is coming," he said. "It's where we can't afford to grow. ".
To 2040 today 0. 8 billion people of Africa will be more than 2 billion people.
It will be bigger than China and India, which is very disturbing in terms of stability, education, agricultural resources.
On the polarization of the political debate: "We have something that leads to the current polarization.
It's not good that we have money politically.
He said, "but don't ignore setting up" safe "congressional constituencies among different populations in demographics, and the" Fox News phenomenon "where you're listening to people who agree with you
But "complexity" is part of the problem, Gates said. "The U. S.
The tax law is so complicated that you don't know where to get irritated and don't have time to read. . . .
Health Care Act: page 2,400.
I'm not going to read it!
I care about it, but it's so mysterious.
So this complexity, we can't talk about these issues directly, which means we're talking about [instead]
About personality and things.
Talking about health care reform: "I think this is super
This is important because the cost trend is like this and we will reject people's concerns.
That's terrible, you know.
However, there is a trade-off between the cost of resources there. . .
Gates noted that Washington state is ready to cut its education budget further.
"Why is this? . . .
The rise in medical costs, if you go all the way back, is the core part of what's going on there.
So in order for people like you to always enjoy health care without having to cut the education budget forever ---
You can reach zero at some point. -
You really need to innovate and make it your friend.
You have to come up with a lower one.
The cost of doing things.
"What's the next big technology?
'If we already have smart boards in the classroom and smartphones in our pockets, then the logical thing is to completely rethink the display, 'Gates said.
"The next generation is either a screen that you can fold into any size you want, or it's back on the papyrus reel, or more likely, it's just projected onto your retina.
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