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bitch-back! what's brad pitt really like? - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-02-28
bitch-back! what\'s brad pitt really like?  -  what is a smart board
Dear Ted: I know people think Brad Pitt is a genius and it's very smart that he crashed the train into the god of good PR Angelina Jolie but I don't think he's the smartest
In fact, in an interview with Ann Curry, his obsession with architecture and desperate efforts were taken seriously, and he screamed "idiot scholars" at me ".
I really don't think he's as smart as David Finch's movie character.
To be honest, it seems that the real incarnation of his life should be smoking in the House of the Brotherhood. Am I warm —
Rose MarchDear Pitted: You see, Brad did go to Mizo, which shows that he's not a complete scholar you think he is, but he doesn't mind a good party, once or twice a week or five.
But if it's important to you, I 've never graduated.
I'm sure you look bad-
Trying to knock down that guy's admirable qualities.
You prefer him to be "obsessed" with chasing chickens and smoking instead-horrors! —
What is your problem, Rose is jealous that you are not angry. Dear Ted: Any news about Jennifer Aniston's love life seems to have been openly single for so long that this is the case --
Of course, she must have seen a man behind the scenes, and she had connections with all the men in the summer --
Anything serious, I would like to see her with a valuable man and finally start what she says about the family she wants. —
Anonymous dear single and willing to associate: no big deal, it's still what Jen wants.
Especially now, all of her members are single.
Expect more girl time between Jennifer and Courtney Cox (
And other parts of their delicious bff).
Maybe they can help each other when looking for the next gentleman.
Yeah, I just don't think she wants it.
Dear Ted, who can blame her? You said we should figure out who Mary Beth Bush is now, but I have to admit
This is very unusual.
I really don't want.
You really don't give me any reason to care.
She is considered difficult on set because she wants to get a high salary to finish her job. If Maribeth is really a day later, will the producers who think so say the same when the actor tries to negotiate a high salary? Not to mention cheating, I want deets!
Come on Ted, give me something juicy on her and I'll give you my best guess! Deal —
Dear payday: Believe, baby, she doesn't want to get a high salary for her job, she thinks it's worth more to do her job than it actually is.
This is actually a big blackmail-
A studio made by Egoed.
There's a way to get cash-male or female—but M. B.
It's too damn no class. it's not good.
Dear Ted: My fiancé and I have been frantically guessing who Pepper Harthman is.
I know you can't reveal too much, but I hope you can let me know.
I am an animal lover and I lost my two kittens a while ago.
Kiss you and your animals. —
Yes, either football or baseball, I tell you.
Don't complain I didn't answer your question because I just eliminated all the other sports with a ball that our sexy sports stars can play.
Dear Ted: the breakup of Courtney Cox should really wake people up.
Marriage is hard enough without incorporating the age gap into the equation.
I know, I know, there's always a special couple, but most of the time, the big difference will separate people.
Rather than passing the law that every couple can marry, it is better to make marriage illegal in the United States. S. (yeah, like pot)!
Then you will know that the couple who fled to Canada is serious! —
Dear Loopy: You're crazy baby but I have to admit you do have a point.
This is not an age problem, though.
Dear Ted: if the stars have a "common agreement" with their beard, will those who marry their beard have children with them? Wouldn't this lead to some chaotic family dynamics?
I mean, facing the public is one thing, but for your kids, my family has saved five cats and five dogs in the last 15 years, and we all love them!
Our home is the home of a lifetime. —
Dear Baby on Board: Hell, yes, they will.
This may not be the most confusing conversation for children in this town.
Dear Ted: What was the predecessor of the Neves God?
Miss Costar, has she found a new person so far? I hope there is no tension between her and Nevis. . .
Maybe she could benefit from his open relations policy.
Lisa Dear Costar cross: Miss Costar did not star-
Even a partner.
In any recent period of time, though so sad.
As for her and niff, well, they won't be caught kayaking again in millions of years.
She went too far.
Dear Ted: my three rescued cats, I want to know: will Dina come back now that the prostitute Danielle Straub has left the Real Housewife in New Jersey? She is as sober as her sister Caroline, and my husband thinks she is beautiful. —
Jenn dear dirty Jersey: who cares about Dina as boring as her sister and the rest of NJ. housewives.
Where will Ef get the drama that makes this the most watched --
About the franchise of the previous seasons I just read about Johnny Depp visiting a primary school in London, A 9-year-old sent a letter to Capitan Jack Sparrow asking for help
I just thought he was cute.
With other Pirates)
The girl said, visited.
The pictures are great and you can see how good he is in the role and the girl has the biggest smile you can imagine.
It makes me wonder if he's the only actor in Hollywood who's going to do his best? Because he really cares about his fans. I mean, he didn't get anything from it except for us to fall in love with him more deeply. —
For me, the life of a pirate is so smart: Well, our love for him is deeper because he gets something from it, baby.
It's called good PR.
But I agree it's a very cute move.
Of course, in T-
A small town that will prank like this, but only a few.
Dear Ted: I know this may be old news, but I can't help but wonder if the feud between Paris and Nicole is with one (or both)of their Vices.
I can't believe the theory of "Sex Tape screening" because the only reason these problems will split.
Anything else you can share makes it clear that I am no longer in the loop during the day. —
VDear Frenemies 4 Eva: Let's say that their bad habits are not helping to solve the bigger problem at hand.
Dear Ted: This question is a bit old, but I have to ask.
I saw a picture of Blake Lively and Ben Affleck on the town set. And wow!
It looks very comfortable!
And any gossip with these two wonderful actors to tell me that I have a search dog named Quarter and we send our love. —
Mary and QuarterDear It Forward: Damn, every one of Blake and H'wood are paired these days.
But believe you, Ben is not her type.
She likes young, hungry people. Plus, Mr.
Jennifer Garner is not the married man you want to pursue. Trust.
Dear Ted: Could you please reveal the new song about Taylor Swift? The song is said to be about her relationship with Taylor Lautner. mance.
What is exclusive news?
Sorry, dear. . .
Actually, Kitty, you have me.
The Awful team to the song and she should be (
It sounds like we agreed. T. Lautner.
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