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blackberry's demise yet another cautionary business tale - touch screen smart table

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-17
blackberry\'s demise yet another cautionary business tale  -  touch screen smart table
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 8/8/207 (670 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
The news of the latest DingTalk in the BlackBerry coffin is not coming out of the torrent, but more of a poor trickle.
Samsung Canada announced last week that it became the second company to be approved to offer smartphones to Canadian shared services.
The arrival of Samsung has ended decades of BlackBerry
It has long been a major provider of mobile devices for federal employees and politicians.
The decision to welcome Samsung devices is not the death knell of BlackBerry;
The terrible fact of this matter is Waterloo, Ontario.
The company has been in life.
Support for a while.
Its failure to keep up with the amazing pace of innovation in the smartphone space, and its tendency to offer defective and poorly performing devices, has been slowly cannibalizing BlackBerry's past --
Leading market rankings.
Once a golden standard for mobile communications, BlackBerry has largely been simplified as a warning case study for business schools on how smart companies need to stay smart to stay successful.
BlackBerry's decline is not unique in itself, but it is tragic and instructive.
As competitors develop smaller, more powerful, and more attractive phones that can not only do email and voice calls, BlackBerry has hesitated to think of its ubiquitous thumb --
Operating the keyboard will compete with the shiny keyboard
Penny temptation with touch screen.
History will prove that the company's ideas are very wrong in this assumption.
Now, BlackBerry and Kodak and other companies that have been extinct or greatly reduced, Kodak invented digital photography, but in the attempt to bring digital photography to consumers, it stumbled and stared at its video desperately.
Even if it is clear that content flow is the way to go, so is the rental business model.
As early as 2000, Blockbuster had a chance to buy Netflix for $50 million, but was delayed.
Today, Netflix has a market capitalization of more than $32 billion, and the Parkstone store has become a gym and Taco Bell.
The same part failed.
As a business club for Kodak and Blockbuster, BlackBerry is still desperately trying to maintain relevance and solvency.
For now, the plan will continue to develop software for smartphones, or, as company executives say, the focus is on providing "intelligence in smartphones ".
"BlackBerry has also licensed some proprietary applications to other handset manufacturers.
News that Samsung is a federal-approved supplier will not exacerbate BlackBerry's woes.
While BlackBerry remains the preferred phone for federal employees, Samsung and Apple's iphone have slowly entered the day --to-
A day trip to Ottawa. (
For example, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau often takes selfies and tweets on his iPhone).
Still, with another approved smartphone vendor in place, the federal government can slowly start to stop using Blackberries until the near day, when there are no more.
BlackBerry has created the entire mobile device to a large extent.
The emergence of the technology boom has changed the way governments and politics operate forever.
BlackBerry, you will be missed.
It's too bad that you're in a hurry to bring mobile technology to the masses, and it's impossible for you to take a little time to see what happens next.
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