braid: alberta, the risk-free launch pad for harpers campaign missiles - drawing pad for pc-ITATOU

braid: alberta, the risk-free launch pad for harper's campaign missiles - drawing pad for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-13
braid: alberta, the risk-free launch pad for harper\'s campaign missiles  -  drawing pad for pc
Prime Minister Stephen Harper seems to have done a shrewd calculation.
His support in Alberta is still so strong that he can incite domestic homemade beer without causing any local damage to himself.
So he attacked a provincial government, Rachel nortley's NDP, to prove the alleged dangers of the federal NDP. That’s unusual.
Since 1980 federal movement, the first referendum on separation in Quebec began three months after February.
18 votes, one provincial government is so targeted.
The stakes were as high as possible-
The survival of the country itself.
Now, it's only part of the partisan war, but it's very useful for Harper.
The second massive battle in Alberta continues to draw national attention, as the mayor of Nasheed Enshi recently spoke to the Minister of Defense about the proposed niqab ban and Harper's concerns about terrorism
Last week, Enshi state said that focusing on women wearing niqab was an "incredible dangerous thing ".
It's not fun anymore.
"Last week, I spoke to a group of mayors and members from all over Alberta . . . . . . I stood up and said it was disgusting, and now is the time for us to say stop --
It's time for us to say this is enough.
The Prime Minister remained silent.
All the strikes came from Kenny, who fired "politically correct liberals", the mayor and "people like him ".
Kenny cleverly used Enshi state's comments to support Conservative attempts to define a cultural war.
"If there is any danger, it will legalize tribal customs in the Middle Ages, which regard women as property rather than people," he said . ".
The remarks of Enshi state are undoubtedly brave.
In fact, some even think he might calm the federal government's anger at the city.
But given the intensity and clarity of Kenny's response, it is difficult for the mayor to escape the conclusion that the mayor played Harper's hand.
This is another opportunity for conservatives to clearly outline a cultural divide that is basically imagined.
They are unambiguous about it.
Still shameless, look at your point of view
Their economic strategy doesn't work, so it's a backup plan.
This is a narrow but emotional cultural attack that runs counter to what many see as Canadian inclusion.
But in fact, racial and cultural hostility is a powerful underground theme of our politics.
Harper is not the first politician to take advantage of the dark side of Canada's inclusive ethics --
This happens sometimes in Ontario and often in Quebec (
Keep in mind that Prime Minister Jacques parrizzo blamed "money and race votes" for the defeat of the second referendum ". ”)
Now, polls seem to show it works for conservatives.
The problem could win Harper's second majority.
Risks in Alberta
Free bases for these missile launches.
With the support of the lock-in, the target is voters elsewhere, especially Quebec, where modern racial hostility often wears the coat of radical secularism.
This is Alberta's job.
Harper's Conservative haven, supply base, and editorial ground.
It works well.
Will the Conservative party pay for this strategy anywhere in the province? Well, perhaps in the center of Calgary, Harper's successful removal of the federal National Democratic Party, as well as the inevitable rise of the Liberal Party, could help Liberal candidate Kent Hull in his struggle with Conservative MP Joan crocatt.
Or maybe in the Calgary Federation, the Liberal Party has an excellent candidate in the young lawyer Matt Grant, who competes with Len Webber, a former provincial PC veteran.
Edmonton may elect two or three new Democrats.
Other than that, however, it seems to be federal affairs in Alberta, where you know you work.
Don Brett's column often appears in the coat of arms.
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