briton roger stotesbury dies in temple fall in india while taking photos - smart board in india-IT

briton roger stotesbury dies in temple fall in india while taking photos - smart board in india

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-31
briton roger stotesbury dies in temple fall in india while taking photos  -  smart board in india
A 50-year-old British man died while taking pictures in a temple in India.
Roger stocksbury from Oxford traveled around the world with his wife, Hillary Clinton, and the tragedy took place in Ocha, about 160 miles from the Taj Mahal.
The couple is already the last stop. called "middle-
The "age gap year" has visited Italy, South America and North America, Australia and several Asian countries since last November.
They should have returned to England after completing the Indian expedition.
A family spokesman denied reports that Mr. Stowe had taken a selfie when he fell about nine metres. 30ft)
Located on the second floor of the rasiminayan temple in central state.
The victim was the father of two adults.
His child was seriously injured and died of injury.
The family spokesman said that Mr. stotebury was filming the view at the temple and put down his equipment.
He said: "They are the happiest couple I have ever seen.
They are just so loyal to each other.
A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on behalf of the family stated that Mr. stotsbury was "one of the most enthusiastic people on Earth" and said that he was "incredibly loved by his wife ", children and the surrounding community.
Every room he walked into became bright.
Since the beginning of 2016, he and his wife, Hillary, have planned their global gap year and set off on November 1.
"They love the dynamic travel of the last eleven and a half months, exploring from the bottom of Patagonia, all the way to America, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and finally India.
"The couple posted photos of their visit to the Taj Mahal on their blog. wordpress.
The day before the tragedy.
The couple said they rented out their house and tried to live for £ 100 a day.
They said: "We are a married couple Hillary and Roger from England/Scotland. 50s.
"Hillary's motto is 'Do it, do it, 'and Roger's motto is 'die as young as possible '.
"We think that you never want you to spend more time in the office before you die.
"We have seen our two children enter the wider world and we are no longer responsible for the care of our parents.
"So we think it's time for us to travel between years while keeping healthy and energetic.
After all, you only live once.
A Foreign Ministry spokesman said: "After a British man died in India on October 13, we are helping his family . "
"We are with our family at this sad moment.
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