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build a smartphone projector with a shoebox - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-23
build a smartphone projector with a shoebox  -  what is a smart board
Do you know you can turn an old shoe box and some office supplies into a smartphone projector? Yes you can!
This is an interesting, simple and easy physics experiment that you can do at home.
Learn and observe how light is.
This project has been circulating online for a long time, but here is a short and detailed tutorial I have made for you all. (
Most of my new videos will be as short and detailed as possible. Enjoy! )
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As of this article, there are two main types of projectors used (
Things change quickly in this field).
The projector has many features, advantages or disadvantages, but most will operate on LCD or DLP technology.
LCD is an old technology, but that doesn't mean it's out of date.
LCD represents LCD display.
This way of placing images on the screen is fascinating and not as complicated as you think.
A light bulb is set to emit quite powerful light through a prism.
The prism divides the light into its component colors, which are sent through the small LCD screen.
The screen itself is sent a signal that allows to pass so much light at a specific pixel location.
The light then shines through the lens onto the screen where the human eye can see the image.
DLP or digital light processing is a bit more complicated.
This time, the light hits a chip through a rotating color wheel, which has thousands of small mirrors installed.
Depending on the demand for color at the time, the mirror is turned off or turned on by an electronic pulse.
Even if only one color is displayed at a time, one color follows the other so quickly that the primary color seems to fit into the right color.
When a small part of the image keeps flashing, the image seems to be constantly lit up.
The technology was developed by Texas Instruments based on the old technology used for color TV in the 1950 s.
It may be important to know the difference between the two projectors, as the LCD is considered static or highContrast pictures.
DLP is considered better for video in its more vivid colors.
As we all know, some DLP projectors can display rainbow effects.
This can happen when white objects move on a dark background.
Small shades of red, blue, or green can be seen.
Most modern DLP projectors overcome this problem with a higher rotation rate of multiple chips and color wheels.
So, what can we do with these amazing machines? .
This is not mine.
This article is taken directly from: indepthinfo. com (source)Materials:-
Magnifying glass-Foam board-Smartphone-Gluesticks-PVA Glue-Shoebox. Tools:-Hobby Knife (XACTO)-Hot Gluegun-Cutter Knife-Hacksaw-
Lulercarefully use your Hacksaw carefully to cut off the handle of the magnifying glass.
Reinforce the box by gluing the flaps and corners of the box.
This prevents it from twisting.
Don't be too excited.
Let it dry for a few minutes.
Put your box in an upright position.
Put your magnifying glass on top and center it.
Track the cutting line with a pencil.
This is a simple trick I have been using.
If you are too OC, you can use the XACTO knife at the other end of the compass to cut a perfect round hole.
Push it and pop it up! -
This is satisfactory!
It feels like you're making bubbles. :)
Position the lens before it is glued in place.
When you re-cover the lid, the lid may block a part of your lens (
Depending on the size of the lens or box).
Use your precious cut-out as a template, then carefully cut off the extra cardboard that blocks your lens.
Build a telephone booth using a foam board.
Make sure it is perpendicular to the base to avoid image distortion.
Install the phone on the stand using double-sided padded tape.
Set your phone to the highest brightness: a simple, brighter projection will generate more light.
Don't forget to lock the screen: Lens reversal light source (
LCD for your phone)
The projected image.
This means that you have to put the screen of your phone on a top --
To prevent it from rotating automatically, rotate the position.
To set the lock-
Automatically rotate is set and disabled on the screen.
Flip Image :(optional)
Download an app that flips the direction of the image.
Like all projectors, this one also needs to be calibrated.
Place the phone at the end of the box and then slowly approach the lens and you will notice that the image will become clearer/softer.
Move it back and forth until you get the clearest projection.
Turn off your lights and wait for dark and enjoy!
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While I haven't posted the project in structures for a long time, I'm shooting and compiling a lot of video tutorials to keep my new channel continuous.
I post new random items every week.
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