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calgary's smart technologies to lay off 25% of staff - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-30
calgary\'s smart technologies to lay off 25% of staff  -  smart
At least 30 employees in Calgary
Intelligent technology based company
Received a notice this morning, leaving the Calgary office a few hours later and carrying a box full of items with you.
The company said it would cut 25 jobs in a major corporate restructuring.
Abhishek Dhawan does not know what to do next.
He has been working at SMART Technologies since August as a software tester for the company, which knows best about the interactive boards used in classrom.
Now he is worried that he will be forced to return to India.
"My work permit is tied to the employer, so I can only work for SMART," Dhawan said . ".
Another software tester who didn't want to be named thought he would stand up elsewhere.
"But I feel sorry for a lot of people who have worked here for many years, just suddenly. . .
Got scratched, "he said.
Many people have been cut.
"There were signs of layoffs in April, when
The founder of the company resigned as an executive.
As of August, the company cut operating costs on the grounds of fierce competition in the interactive education market.
The new CEO said in a press release that the latest round of layoffs would save the company $40 million.
"Today's announcement marks a significant change in the SMART operating model designed to improve the customer experience and provide a more efficient and powerful platform to build. Neil Gaiden said at the press conference.
"The new structure will accelerate innovation and enable our education and corporate customers to move more effectively to market strategies.
The fierce competition in the market is also part of the reason for the restructuring, says Gayton.
By the end of the fiscal year, Calgary will have about 225 employees fired, the company said.
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