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cashflow 101: the best board game i ever played - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-01
cashflow 101: the best board game i ever played  -  what is a smart board
Cash flow 101 what cash flow 101 is a board game created by Robert Kiyosaki [1]
The most famous is the author of "one person finance", rich father, poor father.
My first game on cash flow 101 was in 2012 when a working colleague invited the team to a cash flow gaming workshop.
Before attending the workshop, I did my own research on the game and found a software to learn the rules online.
I'm excited about online games (
Even if I lose
But I was excited to play real board games.
How to play gameCredit: board games can be played by up to 6 players.
Each player starts with the "rat race" wheel on the board.
You will stay on this wheel until you get enough passive cash flow to exceed your monthly expenses.
Each player will randomly draw a career card and select a dream tile from the board.
There are many occupations to choose from: lawyers, gatekeepers, truck drivers, nurses, doctors, police, etc.
Each occupation has its own financial details, including initial cash, debt, salary and monthly fees at hand.
Asian country tours, yacht races, Mediterranean Tours, world golf and more are full of dreams.
Once you have your career card, you will need to transfer your financial information to the income statement, which is included when you purchase the board.
Each turn, players can land on any of the following tiles: Opportunity, graffiti (
Luxury goods or personal consumption)
, Charity, payroll check, market, baby or scale down.
No matter what your land is, you have the opportunity to make decisions that affect your income statement.
Every decision needs to be updated with your profit and loss statement and your neighbor player will "review" it to make sure your calculation is correct. Goal 1.
You have to leave the "rat race" wheel.
The rat race wheel is where you work to make money.
You receive a salary check every month and pay the fee every month (
Including tax, mortgage, credit card fees, etc. )
There is some cash on hand for future investment.
In order to get rid of the fierce competition, you have to make a decision on buying and selling stocks, buying properties or businesses, selling assets for profit and earning cash flow.
When your cash flow or passive income exceeds your monthly expenses, you start the next target now, that is, 2.
Realize Your Dream
Once you have pulled out of the rat race, you will enter the "Fast Lane", which is the larger tile found outside the wheel of the rat race.
Each turn, you will have the opportunity to further increase your passive income by purchasing the business or land on your previously chosen dream tile.
The first person to realize a dream or earn a passive income of $50,000 is the winner.
What makes this board game so good: I personally like cash flow 101 very much.
While playing this game a few times won't make you an instant millionaire, you can get a lot of benefits: it's a game from education to personal finance.
Whether you believe it or not, many people have never filled in their personal financial statements.
This game will show you how to fill in one and learn about your current financial situation.
You will be aware of the meaning of assets and liabilities and how these two terms are "exchanged" or "merged" in real life.
For example, a bank may treat your house as an asset, but it can also be treated as a liability because you have to pay the mortgage fee every month.
This is an important lesson for people to learn.
The game emphasizes that clear and wise decision-making, no matter what your current job is, will allow you to win the game.
This is not how high the salary is.
This is about running your finances responsibly.
You will learn basic financial analysis.
You can see how your decisions affect your financial statements without risking real money in the process.
In reality, there is a lot to learn before investing and making mistakes can be expensive.
Gameplay of the game may not be loosely applied in the real world, but you will be taught to solve problems, make decisions, and be aware of the impact.
In real life, you get the idea of how to look for cash flow or passive income.
When you play with friends, you get photos of a person's financial attitude. Some are risk-
Others are cautious.
You can learn together, get to know each other better, and also make suggestions on each other's strategies.
All in all, despite the comments that the game is flawed, I strongly recommend that everyone play the game.
Since board games are designed to teach basic financial management and do rely on "luck" in some ways, it is expected that there will be such comments.
"Luck" means "opportunity" in real life, and we should be educated to realize its potential in the near future.
This game allows you to discover opportunities and help you become financially smart and responsible for the future.
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