catholic school sued by jewish teacher who ‘had to stare at a swastika every day’ - what is a smar

catholic school sued by jewish teacher who ‘had to stare at a swastika every day’ - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-02-27
catholic school sued by jewish teacher who ‘had to stare at a swastika every day’  -  what is a smart board
A West Orange man said
Joseph District High School did not take any measures to prevent the-
The Jewish he endured while teaching there. -
Then he fired him when he complained.
Jacob rabbinvitz filed a lawsuit on December.
The Newark federal court has accused the school of religious discrimination, illegal retaliation and hostile working conditions.
All those named as defendants
Boys High School located in Montville and Newark parish is responsible for supervising the school.
"These issues first involve
A year's teacher did not make any complaints about anything until after he received one less complaintthan-
A satisfactory evaluation, "said Parish spokesman Jim good.
"However, it is important to note that EEOC (
Committee on Equal Employment Opportunities)reviewed Mr.
Earlier this year, Rabinowitz's complaint told him that it was unable to conclude that the school had violated any federal regulations. “The nine-
Page complaint says Rabinowitz is hired to teach pre-
Calculus of 2017
Academic year 2018. The anti-
The lawsuit says the Jews started on the first day of class.
The classroom shared by Rabinowitz and two other teachers carved a Nazi word on the blackboard.
The lawsuit said that during the weeks of the school year, students threw coins at rabinnowitzki whenever they turned their backs, "which clearly refers to Jewish stereotypes . ".
One student told the class that his favorite "list of Schindler" scene was a terrible scene of the murder of Jewish women, which he performed in the classroom.
A student wrote on his desk that "6 million is just a start ".
Justin santagatta said: "The behavior he was subjected to was not a child or a child, but a high level of attack on a Jew who had to stare at the Nazis every day," said rabbinvitz's lawyer.
Lai also claimed that St.
Joseph gave him a poor textbook. -a 30-year-
There was no "smart board book" and other teachers received better equipment.
Then there is his performance evaluation, which is scheduled to take place on the day of February 2018, when students are preparing for the next day's exam.
Rabinowitz accepted the negative comment and told him that the student was not involved.
When Rabinowitz wrote a reply in the week of March 20, he "recited a series of-
He has experienced Semitic and other acts of discrimination. ”St.
According to the lawsuit, Joseph principal Michael Bruno told Rabinowitz that the students were
Flash clan and other discriminatory acts "seem to be a direct reflection of your inability to manage the classroom.
"Then, on March 29, Rabinowitz was informed in writing that he would no longer be employed for the next academic year.
The notice is much earlier than the April 25 deadline required by the teachers' bargaining agreement.
Meanwhile, the Nazis were not removed from the classroom in Rabinowitz until April 23.
Rabinowitz seeks compensation and punitive damages, emotional distress compensation, attorney fees, and any other relief that the court considers just.
He is still seeking a jury trial.
The date of the hearing has not yet been set.
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