cbse mandates daily sports period in timetable for schools, check details here - interactive table for schools

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-02
cbse mandates daily sports period in timetable for schools, check details here  -  interactive table for schools
CBSE introduces new guidelines for all schools that require them to include sports time slots in their daily schedules.
CBSE has launched a manual for classes 9 to 12 with sports guides and methods.
CBSEhas has introduced a new set of guidelines for all schools to include sports time slots in their daily schedules.
TheCBSE has launched a manual containing sports guides and methods for classes 9 to 12.
CBSE is one of the country's largest National Education Council, which has more than 17,500 schools, which stipulates that schools must start from 2018-
Academic Conference.
During this sport, students take risks to the playground every day.
The key idea behind the guide is to prevent young children from living a sedentary life in the growing digital world.
With a large number of students turning into couch potatoes, India's number of obese children ranked second in the world in 2017, after China.
According to a pot
An Indian survey of more than 17000 school children conducted by the SRL laboratory of Futong Hospital on 2015 showed that more than 65% of school children have abnormal blood sugar levels, resulting in 10-
Folding spikes in case of type2 diabetes. The ill-
The impact of inactivity on children's health is well known and also suggests that overweight and obese children are at greater risk of developing chronic diseases during childhood.
These chronic diseases include heart disease, stroke, asthma, cancer, sleep disorders, and type 2 diabetes.
This move by CBSE has kept in mind the speed at which young children become couch potatoes and lead an extremely unhealthy life. 1.
From 2018
19 at academic conferences, schools must have a period of physical education every day.
Students are free to do any physical activity.
In order to ensure this, the CBSE committee requires schools to keep a period of time for health and physical education (HPE)
While preparing a schedule for a new session. 2.
Health and Sports (HPE)
Unlike sports, sports will be an elective course for class 10 and class 12 students. 3.
HPE is a highly practical subject with no theoretical part. 4.
The teacher will evaluate the whole process of hpe5.
Physical education teachers are not required during the period.
Each teacher, including the head teacher, who teaches in the CBSE affiliated school, is eligible to implement, evaluate and document the HPE. 6.
Must attend HPE and assessment to be eligible for board exams at level 10 and 12.
But no HPE scores will be added in the final exam. 7.
Students must also participate in outdoor programs, groups or individuals.
It can be anything from visiting the zoo or cleaning activities.
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