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central tech prepares to celebrate 100th anniversary - drawing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-11
central tech prepares to celebrate 100th anniversary  -  drawing pad
Century Church-
There are many stories about old Central technology.
For example, the naked woman Leo Darmitz met on the first day of school.
"There are a lot of great stories to tell," Darmitz said . " He graduated in 1960 and is the alumni organizer of the 100 th anniversary celebration of Central Technical High School.
Damnitz appeared on the first day of his school in 1955, but did not advance
Many of the classes in the school are filled.
He and a group of other unregistered students were divided into groups that did not have a fixed schedule.
"After class, we asked where we were going next.
"They are just looking for classes that are vacant or lightly filled and send us there," Darmitz said . ".
On the third stage of the first day, he and his classmates were sent to a large studio to attend art classes with senior students, covered with chalk dust on the floor.
There were no tables in the studio, and only those older students had their drawing boards installed with chairs held upside down.
Darmitz recalled that the teacher had no impression of the young students not knowing the exercises.
A group of his students were instructed to collect supplies and prepare for class.
"The teacher turned away without further introducing what to do.
When he did, he said, "You know the sport, go ahead and do it," said damitz.
"There was a moment of silence when the teacher left the room.
Then, the curtains on the small platform in the corner were separated, revealing the feet of a completely naked female model.
"Alumni of the Central University of Science and technology are preparing for the 100 th anniversary and they are publishing a 120-
Celebrate the achievements and memories of a century.
Nude art models may not have illustrations.
The central technology company has a long list of well-known alumni, including Honest Ed milvesh and art patron, Johnny Lombardi of CHIN Radio, and George Chuvalo, the pioneer of multicultural broadcasting in Canada.
Time Canada heavyweight boxing champion and CFL defender Tristan Black played with Toronto Argus as part of the 100 Grey Cup championship team.
Principal Lisa Edwards says students at the Central Institute of Technology have a long tradition.
"At CTS, teachers, coaches and mentors are all looking for something that students love and developing it.
"This is just part of making students who graduate from Central Technical School so successful," Edwards said . ".
The Alumni Celebration Weekend is scheduled for October. 16 t0 18.
To get involved, donate or purchase space in the book of memories, call 905-891-2748.
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