chinese brands rule indian smartphone market with 2/3rds of share: report - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-20
chinese brands rule indian smartphone market with 2/3rds of share: report  -  smart
BENGALURU (Reuters)-
According to a report, Chinese brands controlled a record 66% of India's smartphone market in the first quarter, led by Xiaomi, and sales increased by 20% due to the popularity of brands such as Vivo, realMe and Oppo
Xiaomi shipments in India are down 2% from last year, but Beijing-
According to Hong-according, Samsung is still the largest smartphone brand in China, followed by Samsung Electronics Co. , Ltd.
Research on alignment based on holes.
Vivo shipments increased by 119%, while Oppo shipments increased by 28%.
"The growing portfolio of Vivo in the medium termtier range ($100 to $180)
India's super league cricket campaign has helped to boost its growth.
India is the fastest growing smartphone market in the world, where affordable prices, plus features such as "selfie" cameras and big screens, have popularized Chinese brands.
Video streaming services such as Netflix Inc. and Hotstar, as well as the heavy use of messaging apps such as Facebook Inc. 's WhatsApp, further stimulate demand.
"Data consumption is on the rise and users are upgrading their phones faster than in other regions," said Tarun patak of Counterpoint . ".
"So the premium specs are now spreading to the mid-market faster
First-line price brands.
We estimate that this trend will continue to lead to a competitive medium term
Market segments for the next few quarters.
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