city deal splashes out on new app to improve journeys in the city - what is a smart board-ITATOUCH

city deal splashes out on new app to improve journeys in the city - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-02-29
city deal splashes out on new app to improve journeys in the city  -  what is a smart board
A Cambridge technology company has designed a new app designed to improve travel for Cambridge commuters and residents.
Building Intelligence Co. , Ltd. was awarded a contract to build a new journey planning application funded by the great sword bridge city agreement.
This mobile app will be launched in spring 2017 and will be downloaded free of charge.
It will use real-time local information to recommend the best travel routes for travelers-including walking, cycling, bus, train and car travel.
The vice chairman of the board of directors of Cllr Francis Burkett, South Cambs District, advocated a technological revolution in urban commuting.
He said: "The Smart Cambridge plan is a key element of a comprehensive plan for the big Cambridge City agreement to invest in transportation infrastructure to support future economic growth.
"The app will help people keep moving and make urban travel no longer a headache and, more importantly, encourage more people to use sustainable travel-that is, public transport, cycling and hiking-this is the key if we are going to continue to grow and prosper.
"I am a huge fan of Smart Cambridge and I like this innovation to bring a step-by-step change to the Cambridge commuter experience.
"As the smart Cambridge project continues to evolve, it is also possible to provide more useful information, such as the passenger capacity of the bus.
Availability and weather conditions in the parking lot, as well as the carbon counters, to show the environmental impact of their journey.
This work is part of the Smart Cambridge project for urban transactions, which is working with academic and business partners on a series of "smart cities" projects to address urban challenges, traffic, congestion and air quality challenges
The city trading conference and the executive committee will hear more about the progress of Smart Cambridge at their next meetings in November 3 and November 10, and published papers today.
Intelligent Building Co. , Ltd. www.
Wisdom of architecture. co. uk)
Charles babecchi Road, located at the site of West Cambridge, was selected as a leading enterprise in the field, successfully researching and developing the leading motion map system for Milton Keynes's intelligent project, this has attracted interest from other smart cities.
During the open and competitive bidding process, the company rejected bids from other wells
A well-known technology company with a 65,000 contract.
Ernst kertelsmann, chief operating officer, head of building intelligence and technology for the project, said: "We are pleased to be awarded this contract by city deals, based on our expertise in developing mobile travel apps for other smart cities.
Travel becomes an automatic, habitual process, and travelers are usually unaware of other ways from A to B.
Providing better information about possible expenses and travel times is likely to encourage travelers to explore alternative times and modes of transport.
"The Smart Cambridge team for urban trading is also working with Cambridge University and various technology companies to develop a real-world
Create smart city solutions from time and static data around the city.
Learn more on www.
Connectingcambridgeshire. co.
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