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classroom of the future - interactive whiteboard cost

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-14
classroom of the future  -  interactive whiteboard cost
The year 2020?
Maybe 2050.
Hundreds of middle school students crowded into the classroom and sat in front of the computer.
The teacher came over and opened the whiteboard.
Click a few times on the laptop and she's ready
Media introduction.
Students are free to choose between a small screen and a large screen to follow the course.
Today's PPT is about volcanoes.
The graphics appeared and the children did not hesitate to look at them.
The main points of this lesson form a text. the teacher fills in the details and answers questions.
Just as the students' attention dropped, a loud noise broke out from the volcano. Clap and cheer!
The class is over and the students use email
Desktop Upload quiz.
They search for information online, prepare answers, make their own graphics, and save the answer sheet on the screen.
Class is over.
This version is very basic as a future classroom.
Advanced will have interactive whiteboard, wi-
Fi, message board for group project work, instant access to interviews, external network through LAN, recording facilities for radio/TV projects, and facilities for joining classrooms from home.
Children will learn electronics
Book or download the content of the textbook. Audio-
Video will be available in the visual room
Meeting facilities with experts.
The hypermedia tool will make your homework no longer a chore.
In high school, all assessments will be done through computer software. No favourites!
Better yet, the CBT and CAL software will help the selfevaluation. Less paper!
That is the transformation of Gulu Kum into Gulu. cool, a click-and-
Knowledge of port learning. Here, e-
Education gives the highest Electronicsconfidence.
Well, handwriting is going to be a dead art, but not the key --
Is it easy to read the composition?
Guess who is the substitute teacher? A robot named. . . whatever. Is this ed-Eden?
"Technology provides opportunities for teaching innovation --
Learning process, "said Nuriya Ansari, vice president of the learning Link Foundation.
"Classroom learning is more interactive, experiential and creative.
More students
They explore sensory content through research.
She believes that difficult concepts are better understood when projects and presentations are working together.
"Technical solutions are not only good for winners, but also for those who need special attention.
"Teachers are more engaged and students are more engaged.
Only one Excel or table is required for evaluation. “Ed-
Technology is not parallel.
Our project integrates technology within the educational framework in a variety of environmentsschool-
The online or distance education model enhances learning.
"Reinventing education" digital technology helps to reinvent the meaning of "education", "said Venky Datla, a General Motors Company of KU education Digital India.
"Unlike the traditional learning of" keeping facts and applications as much as possible ", Digital Learning
Enable learning to focus on "Application of facts" and "collaboration that is faster and easier to learn ". ”Through multi-
Media Technology, Nuriya said, "students have mastered the topics and knowledge in this field . ". “Take magnets —
Does traditional textbooks show attraction and exclusion?
"The technology opens the mystery of the concept through video and 3D graphics.
When students collect and analyze information, they have more than just text learning.
When the child clicks on his personal computer, he doesn't just get his lessons, he jumps to a level --
Venue for the 21 st centurysets.
Technology eliminates the disadvantages of the background, which is a document needed to catch up with this class.
Wait a minute. isn't DT classroom intuitive to children?
Can students calculate without digital assistance?
Nuriya believes that the essence of technology is that it can motivate passive listeners to engage, discover and learn creatively through new models and solutions.
She said: "The digital literacy program for learning links has established three core skills for students to develop: the ability to use technology effectively, the ability to think critically and solve problems, and the ability to work effectively with others.
The beginning, the beginning is already here.
The first-year college of pram, SISHA Haidri, Bangalore is launching the "mobile interactive platform "(IPOMO)
The game/message option enabled disabled the teacher's phone to Mark attendance and students can answer multiple questions
Select the test paper.
The phone is returned and answers and attendance are recorded on the server.
If the student is absent for three days, the text message will jump to the parent number.
Is technology equal to the total amount of education? Debatable. But ed-
Technology makes the size of the class irrelevant, management trouble-free. It brings one-on-
A human counseling closer to possible.
Teachers can make full use of the power of the well
Technical tools designed to understand students' needs more accurately.
They can capture data, analyze and customize teaching according to the needs of students.
There is no doubt that older students who do independent learning will benefit the most from educationtech. But kids?
Many of us are sick to see kindergarten kids staring at computer monitors.
The classroom of guru cool * will become a "workstation ". * Micro-robots (Roboteach)
Advice and Resources will be provided to students.
* Students will still discuss the project face to faceto-face.
* The classroom will be reopened
Teachers and managers who have been designed and trained are prepared to radically change the school's practices.
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