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clever coating opens door to smart windows - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-20
clever coating opens door to smart windows  -  smart
Researchers at the University of RMIT have developed a new super
In response to the thin coating of hot and cold, the door of the "smart window" was opened.
Dr. Mohammed Taha showed the super
Thin coating developed by RMIT.
The self-
Modifying the coating is thousands of times thinner than human hair, automatically releasing more heat in the cold, blocking the sun's rays in the heat.
Smart Windows can naturally adjust the temperature inside the building, resulting in significant environmental benefits and significant economic savings.
Associate Professor Madhu Bhaskaran, lead researcher, said the breakthrough will help meet future energy needs and create temperature
Responsive building.
"We are making smart windows that block heat in the summer and keep it hot when the weather cools," Bhaskaran said . ".
"We lost most of our energy in the building through the windows.
This makes it a very wasteful and inevitable process to maintain a building at a certain temperature.
"Our technology has the potential to reduce the rising cost of aviation.
Air conditioning and heating, as well as significantly reducing the carbon footprint of buildings of all sizes.
"The solution to our energy crisis comes not only from the use of renewable energy;
Intelligent technology to eliminate energy waste is absolutely critical.
"Compared with standard double glass, smart glass windows save about 70 energy in summer and about 45 energy in winterpane glass.
The Empire State Building in New York is reported to save $2.
After installing smart glass windows, carbon emissions were reduced by 4 million and 4,000 metric tons.
This is a technology that is not very effective.
"The glass used in the Empire State Building still needs some energy to operate," Bhaskaran said . ".
"Our coatings do not require energy and respond directly to changes in temperature. ”Co-
Researcher and PhD student Mohammad Taha said that although the coating reacts to temperature, it can also be covered with a simple switch.
"This switch is similar to a dimmer and can be used to control the transparency of the windows, thus controlling the lighting intensity of the room," Taha said . ".
"This means that the user can be completely free in-demand.
"Windows is not the only clear winner in terms of new coatings.
The technology can also be used to control non-
Can penetrate harmful radiation of plastic and fabric.
This can be applied to medical imaging and safe scanning.
Bhaskaran said the team hopes to launch the technology as soon as possible.
"Materials and technologies can easily be extended to a large area of surface, and the underlying technologies are filed as patents in Australia and the United States," she said . ".
The study has been conducted at the State University of RMIT. of-the-
The Art Micro Nano Research Institute and colleagues from the University of Adelaide are supported by the Australian Research Council.
How the coating works
The conditioning coating is made using a material called vanadium oxide.
Coating is 50-
The thickness is 150 nm.
At a temperature of 67 degrees Celsius, vanadium oxide changes from insulator to metal, making the coating a multi-functional photoelectric material controlled by light and sensitive to light.
The coating is transparent and transparent to the human eye, but opaque to infrared
Red solar radiation, which is not seen by human beings, is also the reason for the SunInduction heating.
So far, it is not possible to use sulfur dioxide on surfaces of various sizes, as the placement of the coating requires the creation of a dedicated layer or platform.
Researchers at RMIT have developed a way to create and store
Thin coating of these special platforms is not required-meaning it can be applied directly to surfaces such as glass windows.
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