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by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-15
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Here are some of the highlights of the day's business news: Stocks closed in red on Wednesday, and disappointing reports of jobs and services put pressure on investors.
The Dow Jones industrial average fell 84 points, or 0. 6%.
Earlier in the meeting, Blue
The chip index plunged more than 130 points.
The S & P 500 index fell 9 points, or 0. 7%;
The Nasdaq index fell 13 points, down 0. 5%.
Caterpillar and General Electric are the biggest drag on the Dow.
Shares of First Solar fell on both Nasdaq and S & P 500. 5%.
Full post highlights of the day's business news: the United StatesS.
On Tuesday, stocks struggled in their second trading with disappointing corporate earnings and a sharp fall in oil prices, dragging down broader markets.
The Dow Jones industrial average remained unchanged, rising less than one point to close at 12,808.
The biggest drag on blue chip stocks is Pfizer, which posted only 1 p earnings per share.
The company has reiterated its prospects, but investors want to see more. Shares fell 3%.
Financial stocks are one of the Dow's best performing stocks, with Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase closing up more than 1. 5%.
With oil prices falling sharply, the energy industry has become the biggest pressure on the entire market. 2% to $111. 05 a barrel.
Chevron shares fell 2%, ConocoPhillips fell more than 4%, and Exxon fell less than 2%.
All the post highlights of the day's business news: Stocks hit a new high as the dollar weakened. S.
Stocks rose to many
Investors on Thursday denied a series of mixed earnings and disappointing economic news, setting a new high this year.
The Dow Jones industrial average rose 72 points, or 0. 6%;
To close at 12,763.
Boeing led the rise, after the company announced its quarterly results, its share price rose more than 3% a day.
Exxon is one of the biggest resistance in the blue market.
After reported sales were lower than expected, the chip index.
Shares of Exxon fell by less than 1%.
Full post highlights for business news of the day: 7% of Americans subscribed to NetflixNetflix, which broke a new milestone on Monday: It now has the largest cable operator in the United States than it does. S.
Over the past year, Netflix's global users have grown by nearly 70% to 23. User 6 million.
With these viewers, Comcast is no longer the biggest provider of video content in China.
More than 7% of Americans now subscribe to Netflix.
These details are the first on Netflix on Monday.
The company reported $60 in its quarterly report.
2 million, or $1. 11 a share.
The figure is higher than $32 million a year ago, or 59 cents a share.
All the post highlights of the day's business news: after a sharp sell-off on Monday, the Dow rose slightly on Tuesday, and investors' attention turned to corporate earnings and the latest real estate report.
Peter Cardillo, chief market economist at Avalon Partners, said: "The market continues to focus more broadly on earnings, and so far this season's earnings have been mixed . ".
The Dow Jones industrial average rose 51 points, or 0. 4%;
The S & P 500 index rose 5 points, or 0.
4%, and the Nasdaq composite index plus 4 points, or 0. 1%.
All the post highlights of business news on the day: US stock market fellS.
Outlook slashedU. S.
Shares reduced some losses late Monday afternoon, but still fell sharply after the S & P cut the bulls
Long-term outlook for the United StatesS.
The Dow Jones industrial average fell 140 points, or 1. 1%.
The S & P 500 index fell 15 points, or 1.
1%, the Nasdaq composite index fell 29 points, down 1. 1%.
Earlier in the meeting, all three indexes fell by 2%.
All the post highlights of the day's business news: With the rise in oil prices, stocks have barely changedS.
Stocks were largely flat at the close of Thursday, with commodities and energy stocks rising, wiping out previous losses.
Revenue from oil-
Over $108 a barrel
Offset weakness in the banking and technology sectors.
The Dow Jones industrial average rose 14 points, or 0. 1%, to 12,285.
The Dow fell 107 points earlier in the trading day.
All the highlights of the day's business news: stocks dragged down by oil and Alcoa. S.
The stock market closed lower on Tuesday, with the three major stock indexes falling by about 1% and oil prices falling by 3% triggering a sell-off.
The fall in energy stocks and the disappointment in Alcoa sales dragged down the Dow Jones index.
After Japanese officials raised the threat to the Fukushima plant to the same level as the Soviet Chernobyl 1986 incident at that time, investors also felt nervous.
All the post highlights in the business news of the day: before the issue, the stock is under pressure. S.
The stock dropped early and closed almost unchanged on Monday as investors looked forward to the company report due this week.
The Dow Jones industrial average rose 1 point, or less than 0.
1% at 12,381.
The S & P 500 index fell about 4 points, down 0. 3% to 1,324.
The Nasdaq composite index fell 9 points, down 0. 3%, to 2,771.
Published shares
According to a series of trading news and the news that oil prices fell after the ceasefire in Libya, the deal rose earlier.
But as investors are waiting for early results in the first round, the tone of the afternoon has become more cautious
Quarterly reporting period.
A comprehensive report on today's business news headlines: after Japan's quakeU, the stock market fell slightly. S.
Japan was hit by another big earthquake on Thursday, with oil prices rising above $110 a barrel and stocks falling slightly.
The Dow Jones industrial average fell 17 points, or 0. 1%, to 12,409;
The S & P 500 index fell 2 points, or 0. 2%, to 1,334;
The Nasdaq composite index fell 3. 6 points, or 0. 1%, to 2,796. A 7. 1-
Shortly after 10: 30 Eastern time, an earthquake struck the coast of Japan. m.
The March 11 earthquake happened a few miles west.
The news dropped the Dow by 95 points, but stocks recovered slowly throughout the afternoon.
Japan's NHK news agency issued a tsunami warning two hours later, with no major losses reported.
Fukushima in trouble
According to NHK, the first nuclear power plant has not suffered any further damage.
A comprehensive review of today's business headlines: Technology stocks closed higher. S.
Stocks closed higher on Wednesday as the strength of the technology sector offset weakness among energy producers and industrial companies.
The Dow Jones industrial average rose 33 points, or 0.
3%, at 12,426;
The S & P 500 plus 3 points, or 0. 2%, to 1,335;
The Nasdaq composite index rose 8 points, or 0. 3%, to 2,799.
Technology stocks are the best-performing stocks in the Dow, and Cisco ranks first in the Dow.
Financial services shares are also strong, with both American Express and JPMorgan Chase up more than 2%.
Energy stocks are under pressure after the government's weekly inventory report shows smallerthan-
US stocks are expected to fallS.
The supply of oil and gasoline has increased concerns about reduced energy demand.
Monsanto fell sharply after the agricultural products company announced its quarterly sales, disappointing some investors, despite rising profits.
After the market closed, the household goods retailer reported more quarterly earnings and sales than analysts expected, with Bed Bath and Beyond shares soaring 8%.
Comprehensive comprehensive report on today's business news headlines: the stock market was flat in minutes after the Federal Reserve. S.
As investors weighed the minutes of the fed's hawkish meeting, the stock market closed almost unchanged on Tuesday.
The Dow Jones industrial average fell 6 points, less than 0.
1% at 12,394.
The S & P 500 index fell less than 1 point to 1,332;
The Nasdaq composite index rose 2 points to 2,791 points.
After Texas Instruments announced $6, Semiconductor's earnings backed the stock.
5 billion competing to buy National Semiconductor competitors.
S. National Semiconductor Company shares soared 72%.
But after the minutes of the Fed meeting triggered market speculation, the market is under pressure. S.
With inflation rising, the central bank may raise interest rates later this year. FULL POSTU. S.
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told congressional leaders Monday that he now expects the United States to reach $14.
Reach a debt ceiling of 294 trillion by May 16.
"Earlier, the Treasury Department had estimated that the limit would be reached between April 15-5 and 31.
If Congress does not raise the debt ceiling by May 16, the Treasury Department will take a series of extraordinary measures to prevent the United States from defaulting.
But Mr Geithner estimates the measures will only be introduced in about eight weeks.
Some Republicans say they will oppose raising the debt ceiling unless reforms aimed at resolving the long-term debt problem are carried out at the same time.
Long term spending and government bonds.
Democrats retorted that the move amounted to some debt arrears and had serious economic consequences.
A summary of CNNMoney news today: billions of barrels of unmined US crude oilS.
Oil: one of the country's richest oil companies on the grassland in western North Dakota is using a controversial gas drilling technology to develop the largest domestic oil discovery in the past 40 years.
Where gas prices are most hurt: Hey California, don't complain about gas for $4.
With gas prices soaring 13% last month, Mississippi felt its worst pain.
Full POSTA summary for CNNMoney news today: Why do you have to pay more for your groceries: After two years of stability, food prices in the United States have risen again, supply is tight due to growing demand for major commodities such as wheat and corn.
This means that at a time when gas prices have begun to cut household budgets, American consumers are being hit by higher grocery bills.
10 off-road vehicles that do not consume gasoline (gallery)
: Suv is still a long way from the poster
The last gas crisis.
Some hybrids can reach 34 miles.
Reincarnation of Carnival beads (video)
: The New Orleans company is making the most of these beads to make household items, lighting and colorful home accessories.
Rent a movie on your Facebook page: Warner Bros.
The company said it would provide a "Dark Knight" rental service through its Facebook page.
More movies will be available for rent or purchase in the coming months.
The rental fee is 30 Facebook credits or $3 and users can watch the movie within 48 hours of purchase.
Starbucks 40-
No midlife crisis: the return of Starbucks is shocking.
There is a lot of doubt about whether Starbucks can rediscover the magical growth beans.
Nor did the recession help.
But the coffee chain has reshaped itself, introduced new products and reduced costs.
Summary of CNNMoney news today: click on the United StatesS.
Oil reserves are a bad idea: more and more people are calling for strategic oil reserves in the face of rising gas and oil prices.
But prices are largely driven by speculators.
Tech companies eager for "Rock Ninja engineers": a large number of startups have sparked a talent war for the industry's most scarce resources: skilled engineers and developers.
A comprehensive review of CNNMoney news today: Congress passed a spending bill on Wednesday that will remain open for two weeks, down $4 billion and $57 billion.
Ready for knocking
The next round of fighting from now until March 18.
Libya: from Italy football team Juventis to Pearson Press, owner of the Financial Times, spending oil money worldwide, what has Libya invested in?
Gas station owner: Don't call us Gao Ge!
In the past month, Mike Bellman has raised the price of a penny a day at Sunoco gas station in Columbus, Ohio.
He did not apologize either.
Steve Jobs, CEO of CoolerApple, made an unexpected appearance showing the second-generation iPad tablet.
As expected, it will have pre-functionand rear-
Face-to-face video chat
A feature launched last year on the iPhone 4.
How to avoid the debt flooding Sam's credit card debt getting out of control, he asked Chuck to help him with his spending.
Summary of CNNMoney news today: $4/gallon of gasoline?
It depends on where you live: Gas prices vary depending on the state, the city, and even the block where you buy gas.
The biggest reason is tax.
Americans still crave SUVs: high oil prices do not affect car sales.
GM says demand for Silverado pickup trucks is strong, sales are up 60% and retail sales to consumers are up 84%.
Popular cars from the Geneva Motor Show: From Lamborghinis to Ferraris, you can check out the hottest new cars first.
20 years old with $30 k in debt and no degree: Stephanie Peter dropped out of school due to financial pressure.
Now she is in debt and has no degree. $1.
1 billion of the unclaimed 2007 Tax Refund: half of those who fail to submit are owed a refund of $640 or more.
It can be even more: People living in Wyoming with a 2007 refund of the potential of the midline are $788, and residents of New Hampshire deserve an average refund of $741.
Summary of CNNMoney news today: Google nukes thousands of Gmail accounts: Imagine opening your email
Mail and find letters for many years.
As many as 150,000 Gmail users have been facing this terrible situation for the past day.
Madoff said his victims were "greedy": Among the investors he was reportedly burned, Bernard Madoff said, "Now, if you listen [them]
They live in bins and have no money, I believe it is a painful experience for some people, but I make a lot of money for people.
The victims responded by calling Madoff a monster, a liar and a thief.
A comprehensive review of CNNMoney newsWashington's stupid budget today: Congress may soon pass the fifth short
The long-term funding bill for months is just to keep Washington running for two to four weeks.
In addition, government agencies may also be required to cut as-$4 billion-yet-
During this period, there were no programs named.
At the same time, the government is preparing to close the door.
Gasoline prices are "the most expensive since February": Gasoline prices have risen nearly 12 cents this week.
Analysts expect prices to rise in the coming days after crude prices have risen sharply.
But what is the price of natural gas?
A small town of Pennsylvania on the verge of extinctionvideo)
: Braddock was once a thriving industrial town with a population of 20,000.
Today, it has a population of nearly 2,700.
Huge marketing cooperation
The rise of Levi's helped support the entire community, but the economy remains fragile.
Exchange your old garbage for cash: the old sofa in your living room, a pile of sports equipment in the garage, baby gear when you grow up, and used electronics are all worth cash --lots of it.
$99 IPad competitor deals
Not too real, not too fake: notesate, a digital artboard, or at least one idea, burned a hole in the blog world even though it hasn't been created yet.
This blog-just posted-will no longer be updated.
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