coimbatore corporation’s smart display board project hits hurdles | coimbatore news - times of india - smart board tv

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-18
coimbatore corporation’s smart display board project hits hurdles | coimbatore news - times of india  -  smart board tv
COIMBATORE: There are several obstacles to the ambitious smart board project of the city company.
While social activists have filed a petition against it, the highway department has warned the company not to set up planks along the road.
Citizen groups propose to set up 30 digital boards to display information about taxes, pollution levels, rules and regulations, awareness information and even real information
Traffic details last year.
The work order of the project will be in the public-
Private Partnership (PPP)
Also sent.
The company is planning to use information and communication technologies (ICT)
Display all the information on the company's website on the board.
It also focuses on the revenue generated by showing ads on the board.
At the same time, K. of coimbatore consumer association. kathirmathiyon sent a notice to civic groups and departments stating that the board could not be established, because not only did they oppose the High Court banning the establishment of advertising boards on the highway, but they also violated the norms of the Indian Road Congress and the Coimbatore city company law.
According to the Indian road assembly specification, in addition to advertisements that provide public service information (such as time, temperature, weather or date), advertisements for any lighting are prohibited, including flashing, moving lights,
In addition, the municipal administration and water supply department issued a warning to the municipal companies and district collectors this month to remove all unauthorized billboards and not to provide any
Proof of objection to such committees.
Kathirmathiyon told TOI that the company violated all specifications, issued work orders and allowed maintenance for 15 years, when the specification stipulated that only permanent billboards or boards with a maximum length of three years could be set
"I will file a petition in contempt of court and call for an investigation into this work order," he said . ".
Meanwhile, company officials said they had set out all the specifications in the tender documents.
"Terms of 15-
One year of maintenance is only because companies need to earn revenue from these boards, "an official said.
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