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common uses for the validation of spatial data - electronic drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-29
common uses for the validation of spatial data  -  electronic drawing tablet
The GSA carried out to carry out SDI operations of a small number of private organizations suffered losses.
Innovative and highly accurate response to the standards of the Association of owners and managers (Boma)
According to the method, new income
Private building owners, facility managers and real estate companies will provide enhanced tools for the 21 st century.
Use the appropriate space for them to actually earn revenue from the tenant's rate.
SDI project is mainly a combination of two functions, physical verification and calculation of spatial data.
The second action, the use of high
Technical Software for storing and operating this information-rich facility manager for monitoring marketing and customer assurance for real-time terminals
Time information about their ability to receive. MethodBoma (
Association of owners and managers)
Has a book been developed for standardized measurement and classification of all spaces within a building permit effectively eliminating all speculation?
The standard is set for private sector office buildings, which are used by many large companies.
All buildings in GSA are standard.
The space verification process consists of the following four steps: Space link: space in the measurement process, precision laser equipment, CAD software with a laptop, a trained professional team to check each element of the building.
This is exactly one to half of 8. inch.
Consistent Electronic drawings will be produced in all facilities.
Connect to the database and connect the generated drawing to the external database.
Wherever he is, he has his own "tag" to identify users, square foot calculations, and links to the database.
Automatically marked into the database in the CAD drawings, any changes will occur.
Testing: drawing and database and then eliminating any errors with a wide range of tests.
Hundreds of regular accuracy for the entire floor.
The database is ready for the tenant's information generation report.
Maintenance: electronic drawings reflect changes in order to facilitate maintenance.
The organization should focus as much as possible on its core competencies.
In the field of real estate cost-saving tracking, facility managers and owners with unlimited benefits include accurate electronic facility managers who take information snapshots at any time.
As the mouse presses, facility managers who calculate costs based on square feet may increase their rental revenue.
By knowing the exact square meter, it is possible to lower the price of the wrong square meter at the beginning.
Furniture is another advantage.
Typically, based on the tenant space for a misconception about ordering furniture.
A place where the exact size can be obtained, it is certain that the furniture will fit perfectly.
Private organizations and real estate companies that waste time and money are a big problem.
The identification function, followed by future revenue growth, was paid in the first few months.
Discover the benefits that everyday companies bring to their organization by implementing space recognition.
Like most new technologies, it was developed through space data validation, but "big boys", depending on the private sector at all levels.
The building can be space and validated as a standard alternative.
If multiple buildings are involved in the process, assistance will be provided in addition to new software maintenance and production information management for building owners.
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