computer and its use in our education system - google smart board-ITATOUCH-img

computer and its use in our education system - google smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-03
computer and its use in our education system  -  google smart board
Technology has made our lives easier than ever.
Because of its evolving nature, it has completely changed the way we live.
We are experiencing changes in almost every area of our lives that have never been imagined.
Everything is replaced by a better, more advanced version of it.
Thanks to the inclusion of computers in this area, our education system is also undergoing revolutionary changes.
Blackboards and chalk were used to teach students decades ago and later replaced by LED projectors, smart boards and file scanners.
Learning becomes very convenient because of the Internet.
For example, if you want to know smart TV, just Google it and there is a lot of information about Smart TV on the Internet.
Teachers and students also use computers to learn and communicate.
Provide students with printed notes, which makes it easier for them.
On the other hand, excessive use of the computer can lead to multiple health disorders such as visual impairment, headache and back pain.
Due to the large number of social network channels, it is difficult to concentrate on learning or working.
Facebook or Instagram can distract you from your actual work for hours.
Most importantly, it is difficult to carry a computer or laptop with you because it is a very tiring task.
Due to the widespread use of computers in our educational system, the trend of writing with pen and paper has almost been eliminated.
Writing with pen and paper has countless advantages: it is important to focus on learning to understand the difference between learning and remembering things.
Key points for writing rocket books-
The timeless notebook makes you more focused.
You are listening and writing at the same time, which helps you to be a good listener and a good learner.
In our culture, improve your memory with a pen.
It makes you learn faster and better.
Have you observed that what you write is more likely to be part of your active memory?
You may also notice when you read the written page where you have gone through this page.
Therefore, writing can improve your memory.
Increase the brain's ability to read class notes and remind you of every minute of detail the teacher tells you.
Writing and learning are healthy brain exercises.
It takes a lot of brain activity to sense information with a pen, understand it, and write it in a brown media signature magazine.
Writing beautiful handwriting every day with your favorite pen can improve the quality of your writing.
Practice can make you write faster and more beautiful.
It takes a lot of creativity to sum up a bunch of information.
It's all about how you write something so comprehensive and detailed that it reflects your creativity.
Writing with a classic sports red tap pen will help you learn and make you happy with the hard work and time your handwritten notes deserve.
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