consumer electronics show: lg reinvents the chalkboard - smart board technology

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-05
consumer electronics show: lg reinvents the chalkboard  -  smart board technology
In the past days, you can pick a teacher in the crowd, chalk dust on his or her clothes.
But at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, LG offers an alternative --
Green Monster in front of the room.
Concept of computer-
The writing board is not new--
Smart has been in production since 1991. -
The LG Pen Touch Multiboard is essentially a large widescreen TV that supports the stylus Touch interface.
But there are two different products from LG.
First, it supports input from multiple stylus at a time, allowing multiple
At the same time, the touch function and collaboration between users.
Second, Smart's tablet uses a projector to create a display image, while LG's tablet is an LCD screen.
This is a big advantage.
After using the smart board, I found that the ability to project from a desktop computer can contribute to some very compelling presentations.
In addition to lighting and visibility, the downside is that when writing on a smart board, you have to stand in front of it and thus block the projector.
So this is the case with the actual video screen.
After using the LG pen to touch the multi-board, teachers may become less conspicuous in the crowd, and students must do something else besides clapping rubber for the latter
School punishment
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Toy size driven by smartphone or tablet--
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