cops go hi-tech, to buy smart phones | gurgaon news - times of india - buy smart table-ITATOUCH-im

cops go hi-tech, to buy smart phones | gurgaon news - times of india - buy smart table

by:ITATOUCH     2019-06-29
cops go hi-tech, to buy smart phones | gurgaon news - times of india  -  buy smart table
Gurgaon: Police officer Gurgaon is instructed to enforce duties by email
City police lined up to buy smartphones.
According to his words, the new police chief, arlock Mittal, has made the city's order hi.
Technical guidance all officials use email in all communications, leaving office work with little paper.
"In a tech-savvy city like Gurgaon, the function of email is inevitable.
In my opinion, internal communication between officials should be emailed to reduce pending file charts and even speed up the process.
On top of that, it would help us to better contact the residents if the police send emails frequently, which I have been trying to fight.
Most non-Canadian and DCP rank officers are proficient in email and we will be trained for some non-Canadian and DCP rank officers.
From now on, we have emailed, "police chief arlock Mittal told TOI.
On the day in charge, the Commissioner talked about getting the police hi.
Technology in their approach.
According to some officials, the official directive comes with an informal verbal directive that requires all non-Canadian and DCP-level officials to turn to smartphones as early as possible.
While there are no official regulations to provide smartphones to police officers, the police commissioner says the department will help those who do not have a smartphone.
"Almost everyone has a cell phone with them these days.
Mail is accessible.
However, we will ensure this if any official seems to require official regulations.
Only when we get the demand will the pattern be worked out.
Behind smartphones like BlackBerry, my goal is to use apps like BBM that we can use at any time. "The police commissioner added.
"The department also plans to introduce regulations for filing online complaints.
"This will help us avoid situations where officials turn their heads on the pretext of not checking emails because they are not in the office," said a DCP . ".
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