corruption-free ipl in india is bccis hope - smart board in india-ITATOUCH-img

'corruption-free' ipl in india is bcci's hope. - smart board in india

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-30
\'corruption-free\' ipl in india is bcci\'s hope.  -  smart board in india
Muscat: With the success of the first phase of the Indian Super League in the UAE, organizers hope that the tournament in India will not be corrupt after the end of the scene
Resolve the controversy that plagued last year.
Sunil Gavaskar, interim chairman of the Indian Cricket Control Board (BCCI)
IPL officials have educated all players to report any suspicious methods, he said.
"I think the existence of a clean government official is clearly a big advantage.
This is a big advantage because anyone can call before to ask if there is any way, but I don't think people trust it.
"Now, integrity officers travel with each team.
So, young players, or the most vulnerable, are sometimes players who are not started.
We have given them all the necessary education, "Gavaskar said after an IPL Council meeting in three cities on April 16-30.
Gavaskar stressed that although there is no guarantee, efforts have been made to successfully host the tournament.
"What is the nature of man, no one can give any guarantee.
"We have taken some steps and of course the UAE leg is like this, which gives Venus some confidence," said Gavaskar . ".
"If it goes the same way, we will have this India --
No legs falling off either.
He said: "The controversy on the spot.
Ranjib Biswal caiguang praised the success of the UAE officials.
"The first part of the 20th-century gala has achieved unprecedented success in fan turnout, TV ratings, digital and ticket collections," Biswal told reporters . ".
According to him, tickets were paid in South Africa, compared to 56 tickets to host the International Public Library there in 2000.
"The initial success gave us confidence in the Indian round.
"We firmly believe that step staken, which matches fan and sets new standards for fan participation in the IPL, is very successful," Biswal said . ".
Television viewers have been able to maintain last year's figures for the first 20 games.
Markets like Assam81 per cent), Rajasthan (35 per cent),Hyderabad (26 per cent), Delhi (19 per cent)and Bengaluru (18 per cent)
TVRs have risen over the past year.
The increase in fan interest is multifaceted, as indicated by the numbers obtained in the digital properties of the ipl.
Official website of color light (iplt20. com)
Compared to 2013, 10 million visits were registered in the first 10 days of the tournament.
IPL page on Facebook (facebook. com/IPL)
There are two folds.
Praise has risen from three. 8 million to 9.
1 million, and it is still increasing.
IPL on Twitter (@IPL)
New followers have been gained in the first two weeks.
The emergence of the IPL on smartphones, feature phones, iOS, Android and Windows platforms has attracted the imagination of cricket enthusiasts around the world.
The IPLFantasy alliance now has 850,000 registered active users.
"It was a pleasure that we had an excellent response in the UAE and our next goal was to make the IPL more attractive to domestic fans.
I want cricket fans in India to participate in the game by flocking to the stadium, watching the game on TV, and taking advantage of all the rich information and content we provide through the digital platform, "said biswaladd.
To the reporter: nishad @ timesofoman.
SAOC 2014, Muscat Press, by Syndigate.
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