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could you use a tablet pc? - digital pen tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-02
could you use a tablet pc?  -  digital pen tablet
If you want to buy a tablet, you may want to read this article first to learn some information about the tablet.
Do you need a tablet?
First of all, what is a tablet?
The tablet is a good name for it because it's actually like a tablet, or a pen and paper laptop. It is a slate-
Shape computer, easy to carry with you.
Users operate touch screens with digital pens, stylus pens and even fingers.
When you're on the go, it's more convenient than a typical keyboard or mouse for a desktop computer.
When a laptop or pen and paper may not be appropriate due to going out, the tablet has great functionality, or because the tablet's software does not come with pen and paper.
There are two forms of tablets, slate or convertible.
One is not necessarily better than the other, it is just user preference.
A Slate-style tablet uses a stylus or a digital pen as the main way of the user interface.
In many ways, the convertible style is much like a laptop, but a major difference from a laptop is that the screen can rotate.
The difference between the convertible and the slate is that the convertible is equipped with a keyboard and the slate is not.
To be used as a traditional laptop, the slate tablet style needs to be connected to the dock or an optional keyboard is plugged in or connected via Bluetooth to use the keyboard.
There is a weight difference between the two.
Slate-style tablets usually weigh about 3 lbs.
5 pounds, convertible weight 1-2 pounds more.
The slate style is preferred for most people as it is lighter in weight and offers more features.
But if you find that you often need a keyboard, it's better to get a convertible style.
There is also a hybrid series that uses less.
The hybrid shares the quality of the slate and convertible styles with a removable keyboard.
Almost every tablet is built in.
Wireless network.
In order for the tablet to send or receive data in real time, you must connect to the wireless network.
Battery life is usually from 2-
6 hours depending on the model you choose.
However, it is best to remember that using the built-in
In wireless networks, batter life can be faster, but it should still be good for at least 2 hours of use.
There are several advantages to using a tablet for a laptop.
It is naturally easy to sketch or write notes using a pen compared to the keyboard and mouse.
There is no quick mouse movement like the one on the notebook, which allows you to focus on what is important without worrying about trying to target the mouse perfectly.
Tablets are very slim and smaller than regular laptops, making them easier to carry and use in flash memory.
The portability, ease of use and high functionality of tablets are becoming more and more popular with many professionals.
The key is to find the tablet that suits you.
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