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couple should be smarter than their smartphone - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-20
couple should be smarter than their smartphone  -  smart
Dear amy: My husband and I have an iPhone recently.
Each of us downloaded the "find my friend" app.
He has been following me since when I went out and said he is "testing" the app.
I know this because the app doesn't work every once in a while and when I get home he repeatedly asks me if I shut it down and I don't close it.
I suspect he "tested" the app more often than he admitted.
There is no problem with this app on my phone and never go anywhere I don't want him to know, but I think it's very creepy that he can follow me.
I have asked him not to use the tracking app and he will only call me if he needs to catch me and only if he is seriously worried about my safety.
He thinks it is unreasonable.
He offered the possibility that I had to do something that I didn't want him to know. I’m not.
I usually just run errands. Am I wrong?
I think I'm being followed. —
Dear M: You feel like you are being followed because you are being followed.
This is a "voluntary tracking" because you downloaded the app on purpose, but again, you shouldn't submit it.
You either use the "hide" feature or remove this app, which makes it possible for people in your network to know where you are, to follow you, to rob your house while you are away
If your husband's phone is lost or stolen, your location will be leaked).
Unless you and your husband plan on attending a music festival where you need to find each other in the crowd, there is no reason why you have it.
You should also consider turning off the location tracker on your phone, which can show your whereabouts extra (
Without you realizing).
This is more of a threat to your security than protection.
You and your husband are not familiar with this at all, but what you need to adapt to is to really give up your personal freedom (and data).
Please don't make your "smartphone" smarter than you.
If your husband doesn't like your choice of the right to run errands without revealing your every move, that's too bad.
You believe that he will spend his day according to his own judgment, and he also needs to believe in you.
Your common innocence of the technology is understandable;
His allegations are disturbing.
Dear Amy, I'm 42 years old. year-
Single old woman
I have been divorced for five years but haven't found my sir yet. Right. A co-
About eight months ago, the worker arranged a man for me.
We are all very good places in life, very picky, so it is not easy for us to find "that.
He has been divorced for four years, and there is no serious relationship after the divorce.
In the past eight months, he has shown his intention through his actions (not words)
He doesn't want to have a relationship with me, but he likes my company and sex.
Amy, should I stay and see if he will end up "getting in" with me, or should he go away?
We have a lot of fun when we are together, but it is not common to get together and always follow his conditions. —
Dear don't give up: As you said, this person has made it very clear that he does not want to have an exclusive and committed relationship with you.
If you are enjoying being the "miss" of this man right now, then you should be free to accept whatever he offers and enjoy yourself.
However, if you wish to find "that" then you should keep looking.
When you're still trying to meet and date someone else, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying his company, and you should assume he's doing the same.
Dear amy: I like your answer to the "bending deformation" and his husband refuses to clean up his car --
Until his pastor brought it up.
I agree that she should stop doing this chore for him.
If she follows your advice, she will be more calm about situations beyond her control. —
Dear fan: She should also refuse to take his car if possible.
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