cr plans to set up smart software on cameras at cst | mumbai news - times of india - smart softwar

cr plans to set up smart software on cameras at cst | mumbai news - times of india - smart software

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-13
cr plans to set up smart software on cameras at cst | mumbai news - times of india  -  smart software
Mumbai: cameras at the central railway station will become smarter via video
Analysis software to strengthen electronic monitoring.
The software alerts security personnel to prioritize abnormal activity or any intrusion.
It will be used as a pilot project for Chhatrapati Shivai terminal (CST)
Senior officials say the company has the largest passenger flow to detect tampering with or gunfire with stalkers, railway equipment.
Security has been a huge concern after CST was targeted in the 26/11 terrorist attacks. Using video-
The analysis will reduce the workload of the Railway Protection Force (RPF)
The operator found it impossible to continuously monitor the feed from the station's camera.
When installing the software, you must set parameters for the activity you are viewing, just like the person who is trying to access the restricted place.
The alarm notification system must then be set.
An official said that now, whenever the software detects something that meets the search criteria, it triggers an alert.
Multiple situation images will start popping up on the screen and the operator can immediately tell his colleagues to process them.
The software will make IP cameras more intelligent.
We can pay close attention to any invasion of the ticket office, the drop or removal of items, and the deface of railway property, the official said.
The direction of motion can also be defined, so only when an individual moves across an area in a specific direction will the system produce a trigger. Eight vehicle-
Scanner, worth 2 rupees.
30 crore will also be purchased, two of which will be used in CST.
Lohmanya Tilak Terminal (LTT)
Probably the next person to get the scanner.
The West Rail will install two luggage scanners at Bandra terminal and Mumbai central terminal within two months.
However, officials acknowledged that due to the large number of vehicles and passengers arriving at the railway terminal, it was not possible to inspect each vehicle.
The scanner will be used for security personnel to find suspicious specific vehicles or luggage, or when a height alert is announced.
WR also plans to add seven more dogs to its dogs.
At present, it has three dogs and three are in training.
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