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creating art on tablets remains a work in progress - wacom

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-06
creating art on tablets remains a work in progress  -  wacom
As the publisher of the San Francisco tech news site, Xavier Lanier spent a lot of time at the trade show, away from his office equipment.
His tablet means he doesn't have to wait to get back to the office before uploading content to his website.
"In some cases, the content of the iPad will be made faster," he said . ".
Tablet sales have soared in the past few years.
Owners praised them for being able to spend media easily.
The new equipment is on the way.
Microsoft's Surface tablet will be available this week;
Apple is expected to release the iPad Mini soon ";
It is rumored that Google will launch a new Nexus Android tablet at its launch next week;
Amazon's Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble's Nook HD are on sale in the UK.
All of these devices make it easy to view magazines, books and movies.
But trying to create content on them is completely a different issue.
Some users consider touch screens and portability to be the advantage of creation, but others lament that their tablets are becoming more and more limited in their capabilities, so limited.
Mr. Lanier believes
Regarding the nature of using a tablet, it can help with processes such as image editing.
"Traditionally, photography is a very tactile art," he recalls his experience of working with camera film in a dark room. Using a tablet
Not the keyboard and mouse.
Allows him to modify the photo directly with his fingertips.
"It's natural," he said . "
"It's a more physical, tactile experience that brings art back to the field of photography. "UK-
Artist Kyle Lambert is known for his visual work created using computer equipment, including a portrait of singer Beyonce, made entirely with his fingers, and an app called "brush"
His work often starts with the tablet he carries with him, replacing his paper sketchbook.
"For me, the fun stage is on the iPad," he said . ".
"The simplicity of the tablet app and the limited set of tools is really good because it makes you work faster.
"But when it comes to working on his ideas more fully in his studio, he uses more sophisticated equipment.
The cartoonist Peter Gross agrees with this --
When traveling, he likes to draw pictures on his tablet.
However, he also relies on professional equipment to develop and improve his work.
The tablet provides limited pressure sensitivity and can be used to make the lines thinner and thicker.
But for more detailed work, gross uses more sensitive pressureSensitive 21in (53cm)
Display and stylus made by Wacom.
"The comics themselves are usually half times larger than what is printed," he said . " He stressed that tablets are too small to be used for early ideas in the past. The touch-
The screen features of the tablet also appeal to musicians, but they also highlight the problem.
Sam prouta is a New Yorker.
A composer who plays with classical music and jazz ensemble using a computer.
He uses a tablet to adjust a range of factors, such as volume, reverb, and the amount and intensity of distortion.
He likes that the screen can be customized in order to quickly change between different types of controllers.
However, he complained that on a tablet he could not feel what he was doing.
It can be difficult or even unnatural for a musician.
"You rarely see the violinist looking at their fingers while playing," Mr. Pluta said . " He refers to the way musicians "feel themselves" around the instrument ".
"The IPad doesn't have that, and I don't think you can do that either.
"This is the point shared by another composer and performer, Daniel igracia, who also uses computers extensively.
"You don't want to see what you touch when you're on stage," he said . ".
"I personally prefer things that have physical knobs, push and buttons to touch, because I can feel them without having to bow down.
Iglesia created the MiniMash app, which scans the tracks in the user's digital library and then modifies them before mixing them together to create a "mix and match"ups".
But he said efforts to create new songs from scratch on tablets were not satisfactory.
When he creates music to get a specific sound, he writes and modifies it with the code of his own software.
But he added that Apple's restrictions on what software to install on the iPad meant he had to rely on a laptop.
Despite these problems, Brooklyn-
The Mueller brothers believe that tablets have a bright future as creative devices.
These two people specialize in computers.
Make art and be part of the team that makes digital magazines for lifestyle TV
Host Martha Stewart
Although they focus on numbers, they still rely on pens and paper in the early stages of the project.
"This is the training we received in the first 20 years of our lives," they said . ".
"We can draw things out faster than on tablets.
The problem, they think, is that tablets are seen as alternatives to existing tools, both computer and simulation.
But they think it's better for people to use them to try and do things they can't do before.
"Whether they are [they] want it to adapt betteralready]
They said, "do it.
"They are a very charming device because they have a lot of potential.
Their beauty is right here.
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