critics say bill de blasios presidential aspirations are delusional can he prove them wrong - what

critics say bill de blasio's presidential aspirations are delusional. can he prove them wrong? - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-23
critics say bill de blasio\'s presidential aspirations are delusional. can he prove them wrong?  -  what is a smart board
The line between the visionary and the Madman is very thin.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been on the tightrope for months as he is brewing a presidential campaign.
The mayor has always said that he will make a final decision this month, but the chances of his victory are small, and political observers and local officials are confused about his strategy.
When asked about the potential White House presidential campaign, a senior Democratic agent in the city echoed the traditional view.
"I don't know what the mayor is doing," the agent said . ".
"And I don't think he will.
In this sea of doubt, de Blasio's closest allies and advisers believe that their people are a misunderstood hero.
They thought his policy record was undervalued and pointed out that his history of defeat and victory showed that de Blasio might bring real incredible frustration.
Peter Ragone, a longtime advisor and friend of de Blasio, cited the shocking 2013 victory, bringing him to the town hall as proof of the "authority" mistake of the mayor.
"Every time he ran for public office, he was slandered by insiders and the media.
And then?
"He swept a large number of voters," said Lagon . ".
"Why is it always told him that he didn't have a chance but he won [election]by]landslides?
"There are two very different views on the mayor's presidential ambitions.
As Blasio faces daunting poll data and a large number of employee churn, critics argue that his obsession with the White House is either a means to achieve a different purpose, it is either a product of an increasingly small, arrogant politician.
But the people in his core circle saw a true believer who, despite opposition from the New York political class, especially its notorious radical news group, put forward a comprehensive vision of progress.
In the eyes of the mayor and his colleagues, he should not be counted.
In recent days, reports about the upcoming release of President Blasio's statement have spread, and Yahoo News has interviewed a dozen political leaders, experts and strategists at Big Apple, including some who work for de Blasio.
After talking about the mayor's ambitions, there is a word that keeps coming up --“delusional.
"I think the city is confused about it.
"He's just an ordinary mayor at best," the Democratic official said . ".
"I think this is one of the most delusional people ever living in town hall, and I'm serious," Gerson Borrero said . ", A political commentator has been a frequent visitor to several New York television stations and radio stations for decades.
Nick Rizzo, Brooklyn's Democratic leader, said local politicians were racking their brains to try to imagine the case for de Blasio.
"He still has smart people working for him, but he seems to be out of touch with reality," Rizzo said of de Blasio . ".
The fact that De Blasio's poll numbers are frustrating shows that not just the city's political institutions don't want to see him running for president.
According to a survey released last month by kunnipiac University, Blasio hadan "Anemia" has a support rating of 42-44%, exceeding 3-
Several quarters of New Yorkers said they did not want the mayor to run for the White House.
In addition to the Big Apple, de Blasio's data is even worse.
ACNN polls released late last month show de Blasio's final death in crowded democracy, with no registered party voters or Democrats
Independent people who support him.
The same survey shows that only 1% of Democratic voters want to hear more about de Blasio.
A poll at the University of Monmouth last month showed that only 1% of Democrats said he would get their vote.
During the March monmouth conducted an investigation into the opinions of voters in the main areas, found de Blasio to be a negative comment from "the only Democrat" among the 23 candidates or potential candidates tested in Monmouth's vote this year
"The impossibility of Blasio's victory has many people speculating that his presidential flirtation is a plan designed to achieve other goals.
A staff member of a senior state official said he may be looking for a higher position
Nominated candidate Sen.
I'm Bernie Sanders. Vt.
Another theory put forward by several local agents and former close friends of the mayor is that de Blasio is trying to raise his profile to place his wife, Chirlane McCray, once his term of office is over, run for a congressional seat or the office of president in Brooklyn.
But those who know Bai Sihao insist that he will not focus on the presidential campaign for any ulterior motives.
His early political career was accompanied by his career as a strategist in New York, including managing Hillary Clinton's success in the United States. S.
Senate campaign in 2000
De Blasio has long considered himself a savvy operator, andrelishes.
"He is a competitive man.
If he decides to run, it's because he thinks he can win . "
The world may not be able to see the way to de Blasio's victory, but the person who knows him is sure that he must believe that he has a chance --
Even if they don't understand what he thinks
Whether or not they see what de Blasio Sees, some people who work with him say he should be taken seriously.
"I think it's stupid that you underestimate de Blasio," said Rebecca Katz, a former assistant to the mayor and founder of the new deal strategy.
"I don't understand why he's running, but now he's running, it's Bill de Blasio at his best, Bill de Blasio.
"In many ways, the initial 2013 mayoral election victory in de Blasio was a pioneer in the wave of progress that reshaped Congress last year and made Sanders one of the Democratic party's nominees.
De Blasio, who won after shaping New York as a "two-city tale" plagued by inequality, vowed to solve the problem.
A former Blasio staff member said the mayor may feel he belongs to the presidential race as his work brings progressive populism into dialogue.
They also say, however, that the Democratic Party's left has surpassed Bai Sihao.
"In a way, he is the main person in the country talking about income inequality.
He's right.
Now Bernie and [Elizabeth]
The former employee said: "Warren is talking about 1%, so he is no longer the only one.
Especially if you are a progressive person and if you are a white person, you 'd better bring something special to the table. He’s not.
There are better messengers than him.
As mayor, his allies say he has made some landmark achievements on this groundbreaking progress agenda.
What stands out most is that de Blasio has built a universal pre-
Kindergartens are paid sick leave programs for urban workers, with an hourly minimum wage of $15, and violent crime rates have steadily declined while controlling the New York City Police Department's controversial "intercept and search" program.
A city council member told Yahoo News that they thought de Blasio could "make an important contribution" to the presidential campaign if the mayor threw his hat in the ring ".
In addition to the above policy, council members also cited de Blasio's expansion of affordable housing and post-School project.
"Mayor Blasio has done a good job in investing in important areas for New Yorkers, especially those who belong to the working class," Council members said . ".
While de Blasio has made some gaps in his belt of progress, some of his opponents point to the ongoing problems in New York that the mayor has failed to deliver on his promise to unite the "two cities.
Political commentator Gerson Borrero points out that rising rents, the poor state of the city's metro system, and the apparent racial divisions in the community and public schools, questioning the bonafi of de Blasio's progress
"As we said in Spanish, 'De la boca Pa' fuera, '" is roughly translated as 'coming out of the mouth, "Borrero said ".
"He called, but when he bit it had no teeth.
De Blasio and his allies acknowledge the tragic state of the city's public transport system, but say that Mr blamer ultimately depends on the government.
Andrew Como is in charge of the National Transportation Administration, which manages the city's subways.
Borrero does not believe this, he said de Blasio should do more to challenge the governor.
"If these things are something that he really did or started a fight, he can run on those things," Borrero said . ".
But Ragone, a friend and longtime adviser to the mayor, believes that de Blasio has an excellent record, which has not been noted due to unfair media coverage.
He said: "One of the reasons why he is not considered a viable candidate is that, despite a fairly impressive record, the state media has only seen terrible stories about this person for six years.
"The national media and voters will make a decision on his viability, but it may not be done through the lens of the New York City News Corps, which I think will be a different conversation.
The disputed relationship between de Blasio and the "Room 9" corps regiment at the town hall was highlighted when he was involved in the death of the groundhog.
On February 2014, a month after he took office, he went to Staten Island Zoo to attend the ceremony of Groundhog Day.
Before the animals known as Chuck Staten Island made their annual weather forecast, de Blasio raised rodents to the crowd.
But the groundhog twisted uncomfortably, and when the onlookers screamed, de Blasio threw him on the ground.
The New York Post later revealed that the rodent died "a week later," and that zoo officials went out of their way to hide the death from the public.
The conservative tabloids dramatically claim that the mayor "has blood on his hands ! "
"Staten Island Chuck's death was widely reported and mercilessly ridiculed on Twitter.
The incident was one of a series of special moments during de Blasio's term and became a recurring theme in press reports and social media posts, including when they ate pizza with a fork, and he liked to run Latin, he has the habit of doing super runs often. 11-
On weekdays, he worked out at a gym in old Brooklyn.
But New York's shady people have also exposed serious problems with the de Blasio government.
The investigation has confirmed exactly how much de Blasio did to end the "stop and search" and recorded how much time he spent leaving the office, exposed the unflattering emails written by senior officials detailed the dismissal of the city's top regulator and documented a bribery scandal involving one of the mayor's donors.
De Blasio's disappointment with the media was manifested in the fact that his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, held fewer press conferences than his predecessor.
Members of the Press corps complained that he was unable to get close and that, in some of the circumstances at his disposal, de Blasio harassed journalists gathered.
Private emails between De Blasio and senior aides have been exposed for a legal battle launched by the New York Post and the local TV channel ny1, which shows the mayor's response to the media.
A former consultant at Blasio described the situation as "toxic ".
Rebecca Katz, the mayor's former assistant, said that de Blasio's reluctance to engage with the media hurt him.
"The most maddening part of all this is that something really amazing happened and he couldn't get the credit for it.
"I think the free school lunch for all is a huge achievement, but the mayor didn't even go and announce its press conference," Katz said . ".
"Every child in New York City can enjoy a free school lunch with no shame because of the de Blasio government.
Does anyone know?
The Democratic official noted that the tension could have real consequences if de Blasio ran for president, as room 9 was home to many journalists traveling to the state media.
"In the past few years, the mayor has never worked with the media --
Speaking about the potential presidential campaign, the agent said: "The number of journalists who graduated from Town Hall to cover state issues has not helped him . ".
This is a big burden of a movement that is already unlikely to be carried out, and when he faces these challenges, there are some backbone crew members around de Blasio.
Many people on the mayor's track are clearly reluctant to take part in the 2020 journey, although multiple sources say de Blasio has reached out to "tentacles" in an attempt to get the old staff in.
Katz is a senior aide to the former senator. Harry Reid, D-Nev.
Before taking part in de Blasio's 2013 mayoral campaign and joining his government.
She left in 2015 and told Yahoo News that she made the decision, "because it's the right time to leave from an individual and professional perspective.
Blasio's allies noted that he had achieved a shocking victory in 2013 as evidence that he should not be counted.
However, this victory was achieved with the help of top political agents, and almost everyone left the mayor's team.
Along with Katz, the staff who helped de Blasio get to town hall included John Del checato, who produced commercial ads for President Barack Obama's successful White House bid.
Del Cecato produced an ad highlighting de Blasio's cross-racial family, a key part of his final win.
Blasio's 2013 activities also include Lis Smith.
Since breaking up with de Blasio, Smith has joined the team of another mayor, Pete butigeg of Indiana.
Where Blasio wants to go-
From a long shot to a plausible 2020 presidential candidate.
Bill Hyers, another veteran of Obama, runs his own consulting firm and runs the 2013-term mayoral campaign in de Blasio.
Del Cecato, Smith, and Hyers are no longer working for de Blasio and have not responded to requests for comments on this story. One ex-
De Blasio's campaign assistant believes that the number of people leaving the office is because the mayor is "a hard-working person ".
They described de Blasio as "very special ", and suggest that his tendency to get angry and pay attention to detail may be a factor in his former staff's "lack of interest" in joining potential teams, although they may think he has "important things to say" in his campaign".
"If they don't think he has a chance to win, why would they do that?
Asked the former assistant.
"It's one thing to deal with this personality when you can make an impact.
It's another thing to endure it for a long campaign.
"If de Blasio were to enter the presidential race, not just the 2013 campaign team would not join.
Emma Wolf, De Blasio's chief of staff, has performed almost universally well.
Seen by New York politicians as the mayor's most trusted assistant.
According to multiple sources, Wolf will not join the campaign for de Blasio.
Wolf did not respond to requests for comment.
Some of the mayor's staff were not involved, which encouraged the traditional wisdom of New York's political institutions that a potential campaign was a stupid thing.
A city council member told Yahoo News that they asked a senior staff member of the de Blasio government why they were not working on his campaign team.
"Their response is just a blank look," Council members said . ".
Several senior municipal assistants left the government in their second term beginning in 2018.
Mike Kaska, who worked in Bernie Sanders's 2016 presidential campaign, continued to serve as the city hall communications director at de brasio.
On April, Casca left the government and began working for Blasio's "fair PAC" for political action.
If de Blasio decides to launch a presidential campaign, Casca appears to be a natural fit, but he left the PAC and the government on Friday and the mayor is reported to be officially running this week.
Casca declined to comment on the reasons for his departure from the de Blasio team or his plans for the future.
Ragone rejected the idea of de Blasio going through an unusual turnover.
"This is the sixth year of a government. . . .
I have been there myself.
People did leave.
"It's not surprising to me," he said . ".
But there is no doubt that exodus has made De Blasio relatively poor.
As he looked at the White House, there was an eye-catching political worker.
On Monday night, de Blasio spoke in an interview with the local channel ny1 about a series of reports that he plans to start his presidential campaign on Wednesday.
The mayor said he was still deciding whether to run or not and would not make any statement this week.
Several sources told Yahoo News that when de Blasio made a formal bid for the White House, his political action was led by Jon Paul Lubo, A former official from his government left the town hall to join the fair PAC.
Before working for de Blasio, Lupo was the chief of staff of former Brooklyn President Marty Markowitz.
Prior to joining Markowitz's team in 2011, Lubo was involved in the House and Senate campaign for Democrats Tim Johnson and Jim Webb.
The source also told Yahoo News that Jim Crounse is a long-term ally of de Blasio, if the mayor pulled the trigger to run for president in 2013, he will play a role in the mayor's team.
Lubo declined to comment on the matter, and he enjoys a high reputation in New York City politics.
Katz called him a "very smart and capable man ".
But a local Democratic agent who knew Lubo and respected him very much said that they were still confused to see him hold a senior position in the DeBlasio campaign --in-
Wait due to lack of support.
"I really want to know because he's smart.
"He's like a really smart person," the agent added when it comes to Lubo, "So, I want to know who blew the smoke to who's ass.
"However, those who know Bai Sihao said that the mayor has not made a final decision yet and his choice is clearly not based on the poll numbers or the public opinion.
Speaking of de Blasio, the former consultant said: "He has been excluded and he has not met expectations . ".
"So he's listening to him, not his thoughts.
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