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customizing the look and feel of your pen tablet - wacom pen tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-17
customizing the look and feel of your pen tablet  -  wacom pen tablet
I have been using a pen tablet at work for several years as a mouse replacement.
It works well because I can work all day behind the computer without any stress.
The only thing that bothered me was that the pen and tablet began to feel wet after a while.
So I thought, "I don't remember feeling wet and cold when drawing on paper. .
What if I could make my pen tablet feel more like paper? ".
This turns out to be easy to implement because you can put a piece of paper on your tablet and it still works. (
The reason is that most tablets use induction.
Since the paper is not magnetic, it will not interfere. )
Of course, it feels a bit rough to drag the pen over paper instead of plastic.
If you are mainly using a tablet to draw, this may or may not be what you want.
However, it's pretty much no different if you mainly use a tablet as a mouse replacement: you usually just float the pen over the tablet to move the pointer, click on the tablet, but you don't need to click-and-Drag often.
Anyway, there is enough introduction, it's time to improve the look of this tablet!
It is very simple and takes only a few minutes. Materials used :-
Of course, it's a pen tablet;
Any tablet is OK (
I use Wacom Bamboo here)-
One or two sheets of paper;
Just make sure they're a little bigger than the tablet. Masking tape (
Or any other tape made of paper)-Tape (
Stick to paper and plastic)Tools used:-Scissors-
Computers and printers
If needed, if your tablet's pen doesn't have a rubber handle like mine, a tool knife, some measuring tools and a pencil, you can improve its grip/feel by wrapping some concealer around it (
Or any other tape made of paper, or any other material you like).
Just make sure you don't have any buttons to cover the pen.
Now, it's interesting to customize the tablet itself: it's boring to wrap the tablet in a piece of white paper.
So why not print something nice on it?
First of all, go online to browse the pictures you like.
Desktop wallpaper is actually perfect. (
I chose this wallpaper from a simple desktop;
Looks appropriate enough for Wacom Bamboo :))
Of course, you can choose whatever you like, but I will choose something simple/subtle so that it doesn't distract too much.
Print it out once you have selected your photo. A regular A4-
In my case, the size of the paper happens to be the perfect size (
The drawing surface of my tablet is A6-
Size, so it's a very small tablet. )
If you have a larger tablet, you may need to print it on a larger piece of paper. (
You can try to record multiple A4/us letters
The size of the paper is put together, but I don't think it will take long for you to shed tears as you move the pen to the edge of the paper. . )
You can also try a roll of gifts/Books as an alternative --
Replace it with wrapping paper.
Or, you can use adhesive film to strengthen the paper, but of course, your tablet will feel like plastic again, so I didn't do that. (
Also, if I manage to damage the paper in some way, it doesn't take much time/effort to make the new paper. . )(Update -
After using my modified pen tablet for about a month or so, you can see that the paper gets a little dirty where you usually rest your wrist.
So the second idea is that it is better to add some adhesive film to avoid this problem. )
If your tablet has buttons, rollers, or other graffiti, you may need to do some cutting on paper so you can reach them.
Just make some marks on the back of the paper with a pencil and some measuring tools, and then cut them with a tool knife or scissors.
After cutting, you may want to add some tape around these cuts on the back of the paper to increase the strength of the corners.
If your tablet has only buttons like mine, you can skip this step as well;
I can still use the button well without any cuts.
Alternatively, you can of course also choose to wrap only part of the tablet so that the area of all controls is not overwritten.
Finally, just tape the paper to the tablet.
Please note that I used two sheets of paper on top of each other so that the corners would be more sturdy.
Also, you may need to make some small cuts to make room for the rubber feet of the tablet (
As shown above). . .
This is all of it;
Enjoy your new custom pen tablet!
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