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cv, resume, portfolio, or biodata? confused? - graphic design pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-17
cv, resume, portfolio, or biodata? confused?  -  graphic design pad
The resume is derived from the word "resumer" in French and refers to the personal educational background, relevant work experience, history and achievements.
Resumes are mainly used to find new jobs and send them to employers in order to introduce individuals and win personal meetings with recruiters or employers.
When applying, senior position, resume is ideal when experience and relevant skills are more important than educational details.
A resume is often referred to as a resume or resume, derived from a French phrase that means "the course of life ".
"The resume contains a detailed description of the personal work experience, educational background and skills.
A resume is a more detailed description than a resume.
Resumes are accepted international and are used to apply for administrative, academic, managerial, medical and many other types of work.
Resumes can also be described as marketing tools that individuals use to recognize themselves.
Portfolio originated from the Italian word "portafoglio", portare means handling, foglio means leaves or paper, is a sample album of work presented to potential employers, usually in art and graphic design such as photography.
Works of art and design cannot be explained in theory.
So showing pictures, designs and samples is the best way to tell the recruiter about your work.
Therefore, unlike a resume or resume, the portfolio may contain pictures, documents, on-site media details, screenshots of the website, notes or testimonials from outstanding clients let's try to understand the term with the help of an example.
Candidates 1 and 2 with the same advantages apply for work.
Candidate 1 sends his resume to the employer, theoretically stating his skills, achievements, past experiences, and a list of well-known people who praised him for his work.
At the same time, candidate 2 sent pictures and samples of his new art work, along with the customer's credit for praise and the Twitter collection that appreciated his work.
Who do you think will get the job?
Candidate 2, obviously, because the recruiter can see the exact job and the demand and acceptance of the job in the market.
The term biodata, which is rarely known to represent biographical data, is commonly used in the medical field.
The biological data originally used only in the hospital is a prescription pad by the patient's bedside, which mentions the patient's name, age, illness and other relevant details.
This form is now used in some countries, especially in government agencies, or when applying for a grant.
Emphasis is placed on the specific circumstances of the individual, such as the date of birth, religion, gender, race, nationality, address and marital status, in a form different from the resume and resume, focusing on the individual's qualifications.
Biological data focuses on a person's personal information.
Factors such as academic qualifications and past work experience are back in the second line.
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