daimler will pull smart mini-cars out of united states, canada - smart-ITATOUCH-img

daimler will pull smart mini-cars out of united states, canada - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-10
daimler will pull smart mini-cars out of united states, canada  -  smart
(Reuters)-The tiny, two-
German carmaker Daimler said on Monday that personal smart cars, once considered the next big event in urban transport, will be discontinued in the United States and Canada by the end of this year.
With its unique styling and ability to fit half a parking space, smart cars have found audiences in densely populated AmericaS.
And cities in Canada.
But the audience is small and rapidly decreasing.
Smart reported that it sold only 90 cars in the US market, down 18% year on year. U. S.
Sales of various small cars have fallen sharply over the past few years as relatively cheap gasoline and a strong economy have encouraged consumers to buy large trucks and sport utility vehicles.
Electric cars of smart brands travel only 58 miles (93 km)
Driving range.
Like "mid-
Tesla Model 3 is expected to travel 264 miles, providing passengers and cargo with a larger range and more space.
The numbers are from the United States. S.
Environmental Protection Bureau.
Mercedes of Daimler
In a statement, the Mercedes-Benz brand cited "some factors" that decided to end the operation of Smart in the United States and Canada, "including micro-
Auto market in AmericaS.
And Canada, plus high certification costs for low volume models.
"Certification means Europe-
Smart Design in AmericaS. regulations.
Daimler end gasoline sales
Smart cars in 2017.
Mercedes plans to launch the EQC sport utility next year to bring new and larger electric vehicles to the United States.
These vehicles will help Mercedes achieve zero emission vehicle quotas in California and other states.
Mercedes-Benz dealers will still provide parts and maintenance services for smart cars, he said.
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