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date ideas london: best bars for date night - a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-10
date ideas london: best bars for date night  -  a smart board
From Jane Love to Bridget Jones, the trials and tribulations of dating are well documented.
The dating world, however, is not a minefield ".
With a minefield, the chances of you coming out unscathed are always small.
Nevertheless, the pursuit of love drives all of us to move forward, washing us from one tragic encounter to another hysterical
Date phone and all.
This is interesting, after all.
While you can't choose the quality of your appointment, you can do your best to make sure the venue is the winner.
It's like they customized the place for dating: The whole premise is-the name is, of course, a tip for wine and charity.
You will sit by candlelight after you go in.
It's romantic, but not gorgeous and reasonably priced.
You will see some live music on Sunday and Monday.
The kind of place to be "our place.
Public south side of Clapham, sw47aa, wccapham. co.
What you really need to know about this bar is that it's a damn laugh.
It's not a quiet, intimate romantic party at all: it's loud, arrogant, drinks drop soon, and everyone gets stupid and dancing until the door closes.
One is the dates that are extremely out of control.
It opens very late and is fun and you can happily request your music guilt.
We love it here, as do the rest of London: Booking is essential. 113-
117 Farrington Road ecxr 3BX, pianoworks.
Cocktail and makeup? Why so serious?
Let's play table tennis.
It was a table tennis, the walls were cleverly covered with graffiti, and the drinks were decent enough.
Go to the Holborn branch if you're not near the Old Street: It's a bit upmarket, a bit expensive, but it's also fun.
Just make sure to book: very busy both.
241 Old Street, EC1V 9EY, bouncepingpong.
You will be romantic in the fire and Scarfes bars.
It's like an oversized library in a magnificent old house, but thankfully it's easy to get busy.
You are here to impress: The place is full of art deco details, beautiful old books and live music throughout the week.
Fortunately, the atmosphere of the gentleman club is not too far away, the cocktail list is surprisingly fresh and does not depend on the classics.
Beautiful and luxurious, the atmosphere is beautiful, and the live music is always first-class.
Roswood Hotel London, London WC1V 7EN, Holborn, 252 m tall, scarfesbar.
Little Gibson seems to be custom made.
Built for dating: in a cool place in town, it's intimate and feels retro
If you don't know what your date likes, they may still find something they like.
The bar has the right pedigree behind it, Marianne Baker, who used to be the night can, and a bartender at Connaught Bar, who is making drinks. No-
One will go home disappointed.
Even better, if the appointment goes well, it will always open until one o'clock A. M. every night, two o'clock A. M. on Friday and Saturday, so you don't need to shorten the time for the evening.
44 Old Street, EC1V 9AQ, the Gibson bar.
LondonOk, OK: of course, this great place is not technically a bar, although they serve cocktails upstairs (
Sadly, it's not particularly good. . . )
The glory of the business Tavern lies in its quirky decor and the beautiful light that filters in through the windows upstairs.
You're here to relax, chat, laugh and have a few drinks.
It has its own feel: there is nothing to scream at, but the place has a quiet appeal. You’ll be back. 142-
Commercial building E1 No. 144, 6NU Commercial Street-tavern.
The bar com68 downstairs has a fantastic concept: every bottle on the list is £ 20 so choose what you like instead of what you can afford
One looks stingy.
There's champagne too, so you can look like you're splashing water even if you don't.
If neither of you likes a bottle, they will be brought up by a glass bottle (£14)or glass (£5. 50).
It feels relaxed, France and Italy: Although not gorgeous, you will have a good time.
Oh, you might try some if you make friends with good staff
Nice menu.
5 Greek Street, W1D 4DD, 68 and Boston.
ComBuddha is a rich and luxurious place and a rich place, so be prepared to dig deep into the place.
You drink champagne here.
The cocktails here are first class, with no exception, carefully mixed using top shelf ingredients.
Be sure to eat: sushi and sashimi are the strong points on the menu, but if you're looking for something more substantial, smoked duck and foie gras dumplings are a must-have, delicious delicacy, the beef short rib with mustard paste and veal braised sauce is ideal.
Although the wine list on the bar menu is short, find a friendly and relaxed sommelier
He will make sure you drink well and will not cause you trouble at night.
Buddha is a superfluous place in many ways, but don't miss it if you have that mood.
Buddhabarlondon SW1X 7 PA Knightsbridge 145.
The most popular bar in Islington is known as the "bar without a name" and comes from the well-received Tony corrillo.
The atmosphere was great, in large part because it was always busy, but there was also a piano in a corner that was often beaten.
This is a stylish place with stylish drinks, but be aware that it is small-is it comfortable?
-So you may not be able to squeeze in or stay for a long time.
69 Colbrook Street, N1 8AA, 69 Colbrook.
Sometimes dating should be a quirk on the east end.
For years, the mayor of Scaredy Cat Town has been delivering this message in spades: Walk into the breakfast club and let you meet the mayor, you will then be taken to a Smeg fridge-we are not kidding-and in an underground bar you will be taken to a cheesy British riff.
Had a good laugh here, they had a nice playlist and the drinks were slippery.
Still, you're here for all the talking points: this will keep your appointment from getting awkward. 12-
No. 16 Cannon Road, E1 7LS
The coma bowling alley didn't have the right to open such a good bar, but we left and they did.
It has a weird Vegas vibe: low
Lights and pink are all around, but the drinks are good and the price is reasonable.
Because you went bowling.
So far, being 13 doesn't mean it's not good these days either, and now you can add tons of delicious alcohol-maybe enough to get you into the karaoke kiosk?
Victoria House Allstarlanes, WC1B 4DA, Bloomsbury Square. co.
Don't miss this place if your date is red wine.
It is very popular in the industry and is available, including some rare places in France. heavy list.
Their food was also greatly increased.
Will it matter if you stand up? 8-
Moon Neil's yard, WC2H 9DP, cvssevendials.
ComSmitty runs a short but decent cocktail list (
They really improved their game level in this regard).
This crowded underground place offers a different night from almost all the other places in London: The place jumps and rings when perfectly good bands sit there and everyone plays
This is sweating, busy, lively and loud. . .
In short, it is absolutely necessary. Go. 63-
Broadway Market 65, e84ph, kansassmittys.
Gilbert Scott's golden glow will never impress.
Its stunning vaulted ceiling is filled with lively chatter and ice clicking sounds in a cocktail shaker: This place is romantic, luxurious, marked in goldage glamour.
If you really want to get the boat out, go to this great restaurant and spoil it.
Renaissance St. Pancras hotel Euston Road, NW1 2AR, thegilbertscott.
Mr ComBoth Fogg is worth a visit, but the gin hotel at the theater has pushed it into a more intimate setting as it is less crowded than its Mayfair cousin.
Hidden under the upstairs Tavern, this secluded bar is dressed in late nineteenth century outfitting, with recliner chairs and dark corners, and the cocktail tastes as lingering as perfume and opera.
If you know someone who likes gin, they will be heaven.
58 Martin Lane, WC2N 4EA, mr-foggs.
Don't say if you want things to stay easy: The Beaufort Hotel is definitely romantic but amazing.
The room itself is decorated in gorgeous black gold.
The bar is located on the stage of Gershwin's old karaoke show, and the Mirror sparkles.
Of course, there are also live entertainment shows every night now, so you can sit quietly in your outfit and avoid talking about who is paying for it.
Drinks are as expensive as you think, but it's hard to beat it if you're looking for something special.
Fairmont WC2R 0EZ Savoy Hotel, Strand.
ComTerroirs works because it spans the middle of relaxation and is also a bit upmarket.
The ideal date is to sit next to the bar and watch everyone come and go and taste the wine, but if you are eating (
The food is made to a large extent excellent)
Ask for a table by the window.
5 William four street, Terroirswinebar WC2N 4DN.
Have women and men ever been the novelty of public toilets-romantic?
-But it's far from a fancy bar.
The drinks are well mixed and there are 12 bottles of gin every day.
They usually have some great music and live performances.
Oh, when you're done with what you say, pick up a book from the shelf and read it to your beloved.
High Road 2, nw51nrthis is a house of strange things attached to the restaurant, so if you feel hungry (
Or just need to slow down the drink)
Then go get a table.
The whole place is a topic: It's a colonial/Victorian atmosphere with a range of quirky details.
Everything is from the UK, the staff is very personal and many cocktail ingredients are mixed togetherhouse.
147 St John's Hill, SW11 1TQ, powderkelondon.
The best dates are fun, and what's more interesting than going to Nanya?
Of course not, but there are many hidden places behind Callooh Callay's closet door.
CC loves its gimmicks-This feature is available inside madcap-but they know how to mix a decent drink and everyone has a good time with the dj's dial-up.
It's a little quieter mid-week and it's actually good for it if you like-horror!
-Chat with your date
No. 65 Calington Street, EC2A 3AY, calloohcallaybar.
For us, this little corner snack bar is the highlight of everything Spanish chef Jose Pizarro has done in London.
Very simple: you go for snacks and Sherry as you will only get so much.
The food is changing every day and very beautiful.
Very comfortable but with a back
Plan it because there's a good chance you can't find a seat.
Josepizarro, SE1 3UB, 104 Bermondsey Street. com/jose-tapas-
BarChances is that you won't be a bar like it: Cahoots was founded in 1946 and the whole thing is underground themed.
Yes, you can drink on the subway again.
The theme bar was boring, but it was also impressive.
Even going downstairs to find this place is fun-starting from work, the right tone should be set for the evening.
Drinks-to be honest, they are a mixed bag, so choose wisely-start at 8 so you don't have to ruin the bank for dating purposes.
Booking is essential.
13 King Street, W1B 5PWlondon.
ComThe views do it all here-all you need to do is avoid messing it up.
The rooftop bar is 10 floors high with views of Tower Bridge, debris, Tate Modern, Somerset House and Capitol building.
There is usually also a live DJ.
With the white sofa, the bar has a smart Ibiza atmosphere, which is a bit fun and sexy.
The cocktails are good and there are some snacks to eat. ME London, 336-
337 shares, WC2R 1HA, beautiful.
ComK bar feels majestic-there is no other word to describe-as drinking here is a bit like drinking in the captain's area of Titanic, though there is no feeling of sinking.
Top of oak, velvet, brass, marble: charming place, luxurious taste of phaligon perfume, and other.
It does a good job but you probably won't get a table so it was built for last minute, high end dates. 109-
113 Queen's Road, SW7 5JA Kensington City Hall.
ComGranted, it's weird not to specify a particular column, but 5CC gang (
Found in Exmouth Market/Bethnal Green/hockston/city)
They all have their own charm.
Everyone likes classic cocktails and offers impromptu clips that are perfect for drinking.
But why are they suitable for dating?
In addition to dim lights, quirky neon lights and a lot of spirits (
Things for everyone)
They love oysters so much that they indulge themselves in their leather seats.
They also served champagne very reasonably.
Perfect Match, right?
Export arm, 23 export markets, ecxr 4QB, 5cc-london.
Milroy's winning vault, because to get to it, you can enter through the bookshelf, which is the best way to get anywhere.
They play beautiful music, drinks are reasonably priced and very old fashioned.
It is full of small tables and will soon be full: come here and enjoy a relaxing, chatting and laughing date.
The lovely dog of the owner sometimes shows up.
3 Greek Street, W1D 4NX, thevaultsoho. co.
UkGordon won't fail: the terrace gets a bit crowded when the weather is good, but it's still a great place to drink and chat.
The real temptation, however, is the cave inside: dark, intimate, a place to temporarily forget about the rest of the world.
The wine is the king here, but if you are eating it, the matching cheese board is always delicious.
They also offer hot plates, but we prefer cold ones.
47 Victoria Street, Gordonswinebar WC2N 6NE.
In this small place in Soho, few people sit there, which naturally gives a romantic intimacy.
There is also no room to stand, so it will never sweat, be terrible or crowded: with coffee or better, with Negroni (
Two, it's small. .
It will add a bit of Italian tenderness to any date, just don't expect to spend the night here.
7 Old Compton Street, W1D 5JE, bar-termini.
Oxo is another scenic spot near blackfridges bridge, including Sao Paulo and cucumbers.
Go to the terrace and it's a show: you don't really care what you're drinking, but the wine list is strong and the cocktails are great.
When the weather is cold, comfortable behind the huge view: you will get all the amazing views of London without freezing.
Harveynichols SE1 9PH Oxo Tower Pier, Bargehouse Street.
Living in Leicester Square, the most popular underground building is no longer central. although it has been sitting there since 1972, most Londoners are unaware of its existence. The 300-
The long wine list covers almost everything, but it won't be too heavy on tasting notes: encourage you to find your own.
You can never call the cork and the bottle grand, but it will immediately become charming and you will want to find your own corner to get you back in the past. 44-
46 cranborn Lane, WC2H 7AN, bottle of thecorkand. co.
As Slim Jim knows, British dating is not about being decent.
This rock dive bar has become more and more like diving in recent years, but it still offers a damn good time.
It's mainly beer, bourbon and classic rock.
The main feature of the decoration is the bra on the ceiling, which makes sense considering that they exchange drinks with drinks.
Just make sure you dress properly: keep your suit and tie out at the door. Party on.
N1 1QN, 112 High Street, slimjimsliquorstore.
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