david cameron sends former boss of tax-dodging google to the house of lords - smart board exchange

david cameron sends former boss of tax-dodging google to the house of lords - smart board exchange

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-04
david cameron sends former boss of tax-dodging google to the house of lords  -  smart board exchange
David Cameron was charged last night with cronyism because he sent a former tax supervisor --
Avoid the Lord of Google.
Joanna Shields, former Prime Minister digital adviser to the Internet giant Europe division, was one of 22 "working" peers nominated by major political parties yesterday.
The appointment will deepen concerns that conservatives are too close to Google, which has the government's say on sensitive topics.
The party's contact with the company is also controversial as Google was charged with tax avoidance after paying £ 11.
Despite the £ 3 generated, 6 million was paid to the Ministry of Finance in 2012.
There are 4 billion business in the UK.
Google's bosses often engage with senior ministers, while some senior Conservative employees work at Google.
For example, Rachel Whetstone, Google's head of global communications, is a close friend of the photographer and married the prime minister's predecessor, Steve Hilton. policy chief.
Former Jeremy Hunt consultant and Culture Minister Naomi Gummer is now a public policy analyst at Google.
Miss Shields has been Google's managing director in Europe and Africa until 2006.
She was also CEO of another social networking site Bebo and former managing director of Facebook in Europe.
In 2012, she appeared as Cameron's digital adviser and chief executive of the government's Tech City, helping to get the internet started --
Ups in east London
Miss Shields is a dual nationality of the United States and Britain.
The executive director of the London Stock Exchange, she sits on Boris Johnson's "smart board" designed to establish London as a digital capital for Europe.
The Tories point out that because she left Google in 2006, she had nothing to do with the recent taxes
Dodge charges
However, she worked on Facebook from 2008 to 2012, when the company was charged with tax evasion.
It is now speculated that Miss Shields, 52, will hold the post of minister.
Last night, Labor MP John man said: "This shows two fingers to every tax payer and taxpayer in the country, which is a green light for tax payers.
The new list of Conservative peers also includes Apprentice star Karren Brady, former Facebook boss Joanna Shields, talk boss Dido Harding and former
Nosheena Mobarik, Chief Minister of Scotland, CBI.
But the title of the latest batch is
The crowded red leather benches in the House of Lords are not uncontested, with cronies, failed politicians, and conservative donors, including jewelry tycoon rambir Singh Kumar and City financier Michael Farmer, enjoying
Scroll down to watch the video. The 22 new peers increased the total to more than 850, making the House of Lords larger than at any time since most of the estate was removed in 1999.
The Electoral Reform Association says new peers among them have given the party £ 7 million.
Campaign groups say all you have to do to get the title of nobility is write a generous check to a party or become a party hacker.
Unlocking democracy accused party leaders of nominating "big donors, hangers --on and washed-
Politicians who have been rejected by voters.
Cameron has nominated 12 new members of the Conservative Party, Nick Clegg has nominated six Liberal Democrats, and Ed Miliband has awarded the title of nobility to three Labor supporters, the Northern Ireland Parliament
Conservative list includes
Sir Stuart Ross, the boss of M & S, former Conservative MP Martin kalanan, and former Downing Street pollster Andrew Cooper were defeated in May's election.
Conservative volunteer Carlyn Chisholm, director of the new school network Natalie Evans and William Hague completed the Conservative Party list at Arminka Helic, a former assistant to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Mr. Farmer, a City financier who has donated more than £ 6 million to the Conservative party since 2002, was appointed partner of the party
Cameron was the financial director in 2012.
Lambi Singh Kumar
Called "King of Berlin" by Labor"
Who gave the Conservative Party more than 312,000 pounds.
He is the chairman of Ocean jeweler Limited and the founder of the Conservative link to Asia in the UK, which aims to encourage those with Asian background to participate in politics.
It is reported that he is worth about 40 million pounds. in the past, he used to speak at the Renaissance Forum, senior Conservative officials, including George Osborne, spent £ 10,000 listening to them William Hague and Eric kimchi.
He also founded the British Asian Conservative Union in 1998 to encourage Asians to participate in politics.
The Liberal Democratic Party honored former chief executive Chris Fox with five on-the-job or departing directors.
Members, including Paul Scriven, led the Sheffield Parliament in Nick Clegg's back office until the Labor Party kicked the Liberal Democrats out.
Mr. Clegg said: "our new colleagues have highlighted the core of our party's campaign to stand up for their place and support the cause of the Liberal Democratic Party to achieve a stronger economy and a fairer
"I know that every new member on this list will make a valuable contribution to British politics, the House of Lords and the team of Liberal Democrats at Westminster.
I am confident that they will, together with their liberal Democratic colleagues, take on the responsibility of a firm reformist and continue to defend the establishment of a smaller, more democratic upper house.
As expected, the Labor party's list includes former Oriental actor Michael Cashman, who has been a member of the European Parliament in West Midlands since 1999.
Publisher Mrs. Gale reebuck, the chairman of the British Penguin Random House, became a working party colleague with former deputy secretary general Chris Renney of the Labor Party.
Miliband said that Kashman has always been a passionate defender of human rights, and Sir Gale founded World Day of reading to help millions of young people experience the fun of reading.
He added: "Chris Renney has always been an important servant of the Labor and union movement and a lifelong charity fundraiser.
I am sure that he will bring this view and experience to his work in the House of Lords.
These three will be the real assets of the House of Lords in the coming years.
The House of Lords spending bill has risen by more than £ 4 million since 2010.
According to the House of Lords, the cost of the peers allowance has risen from £ 21 to £ 21.
From £ 17 to £ 6 million
2 million before the big election 2010
The bill will be added further by the new peers.
Based on an average fee claim of £ 28,000, they can add £ 600,000 to their bill.
Constitutional experts warn that handing over the title of nobility to dozens of political allies and donors is "unsustainable ".
In an effort to rebalance the political landscape, the Conservative Party has the largest number of new peers --
Members of the House of Lords in line with the results of the last election.
The Electoral Reform Association says six new peers have donated nearly £ 7 million to political parties.
Most of them came from Mr. Farmer, and of the 22 new peers, 16 had worked for or been elected to the party.
Katie Goss, president of the Electoral Reform Association, said: "These appointments further deepen the impression that entering the House of Lords, all you have to do is write a generous cheque to a party, or become a party hacker.
The second chamber is an important part of our political system with real legislative power.
It's not right for people to actually be able to buy seats at the highest political level.
We should be able to choose the people who run us. this is the basic principle of democracy.
Until we elect the second chamber, we will not receive the democracy we deserve, not the chamber of a blessed child.
Pete Mills, a policy officer who unlocked Democracy, said: "The recent appointment of the House of Lords shows that in our unelected second chamber, everything is as usual.
Party leaders have nominated big donors. on and washed-
Politicians who have been rejected by voters.
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