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dell inspiron 15 5547 reviews and drivers download - notebook touch screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-24
dell inspiron 15 5547 reviews and drivers download  -  notebook touch screen
This article will show you the Dell Inspiron series laptop 15 5547, and you can also download the Dell Inspiron 5547 driver from here.
As the flagship model of the Inspiron series, not only with the touch function of Win8, but also gives it a layer of silver --plated metal. Inspiron 15-
5547 glossy touch screen, the experience is very smooth, no sense of delay; and pre-
The latest win8 is installed. 1 system. Equipped i7-
4510U processor, R7 M265 2g dual
Core HD4400 independent graphics card;
With 8g memory and 1 t mechanical hard disk, the overall configuration is very good.
While not equipped with a SSD, both the response speed and the actual boot speed are very fast. As an ultra-
The book, the thinnest, reached 24.
24mm, plus attractive metal brushed cover, very stylish and stylish.
But unfortunately, although the thickness is thin enough, it does not reduce the weight.
Travel weight increased by 2.
78 kg, can only be said to be the passing standard of 15-1inch notebook.
The Dell Inspiron series has always focused on the beauty and fashion of its products.
Lingyue 15-
5547 is no exception.
Sterling silver brushed metal cover, comparable to high-
Dell XPS series, feel normal notebook without cheap plastic case.
The upper cover with a round handle, far exceeding the tenacity of the metal case, makes the female user use a very coordinated fashion.
The silver shell is full of metal, more of a perception of the future of technology.
Very coordinated both at home and in the office.
Whether it's business or home, the Inspiron range has a wide range of applicability.
Simple interior-
Processed in black and used first class skin material, excellent touch use.
But what is more painful is that the imprint will be easy to leave a fingerprint and requires regular care to keep the look.
You can download all the Dell Inspiron laptop drivers from here: Dell Inspiron driver downloads.
Lingyue 15-
With 5547 1080 P Full HD touch screen, the color and brightness of the screen are outstanding.
Choose a glossy screen with a better brightness, and there is no obvious casting around the angle to watch.
This Ultrabook sells for touch, and the experience of touch operation is very smooth.
Whether it's the day-to-day operation of the software, browsing the web page, or directly using the on-screen handwritten input is very sensitive and feels like no delay.
However, a little friction is felt when drawing using the screen drawing tool.
After a long period of contact
Screen operation, the screen will leave a lot of fingerprints, we recommend paste screen protector.
Mainstream Island
The chocolate keyboard in style is not only beautiful, but also easier to clean.
Due to the limitation of the whole thickness, the keyboard keys are relatively short and feel a little rigid.
However, the key position design is very reasonable. the greater the distance between the keys, the improvement of the entry experience.
Dell is still replacing the traditional function key F1-
The Multimedia function key and the Multimedia key, but the user can modify this setting in the BIOS settings.
The touch pad with integrated design supports gestures and feels very smooth.
The palm rest skin is comfortable, but it is easy to leave traces and requires constant care.
All hardware configuration drivers where you can download all: Dell Inspiron 5547 driver downloads.
The keyboard key cap feels better after matte processing.
Relatively closed keycaps and larger spacing keys make it easier to clean up the dust.
The sensitive key also provides switch lights, which is very intimate.
With an integrated touchpad, the support for more sensitive keys and gestures feels very smooth.
Fast back of body-
Release plate design, after two fixing screws are screwed, the back of the body can be easily opened.
More convenient daily cleaning of dustupgrade. Inspiron 15-
5547 two usb3 are provided.
0 interface, a usb2.
The combination interface of 0 interface, HDMI interface, RJ45 network interface card reader and headset microphone is rich in configuration.
Built in for size reasons-
In the current mainstream ultra-optical transceiver,book approach. As a 15. 6-inch ultra-
Limit, the thickness is controlled within the numerical range of 24. 24mm ~ 24.
41mm, the level is relatively small.
Weight of bare metal 2.
422 kg, plus power weight 2.
78 kg, still slightly heavy, suitable for carrying backpack.
Dell Lingyue 15 test-
The hardware configuration of 5547 is equipped with the fourth-
Intel Core i7 generation-
4510U processor (
Dell Lingyue 15 is A8 processor 5545)
With 8g memory and 1 t mechanical hard drive, AMD Radeon HD R7 M265 2g only has a new generation of independent graphics cards, the whole service life is very good, very good touch experience.
Game performance is weak, mainly for entertainment or daily office. The fourth-
Intel Core i7 generation-
4510U processor, clock in 2.
0 GHz, maximum frequency 3.
1 GHz, with two physical cores, supports Intel Hyper-
Threading Technology, TDP is 15 w, is an upgraded version of i7-4500U.
The application scope is wide, the performance is mainstream, and the daily Web browsing and video games are basically enough. 4.
Low power consumption, lower heat at the same time, longer battery life.
The R7 M265 is the latest generation of graphics cards released by AMD, with performance equivalent to Nvidia GT 740 M.
There are 384 streams, the processor is timed at 980 MHz, the bit width is 64 bits, and the capacity is 2 GB Xeon. from 3 DMARK, the 11-point running is the same as the previous generation hd87 50 M graphics card.
In short, Dell Lingyue 15-
5547 super pole position, i7-from the configuration point of view-
4510U, HD4400 core R7 M265 display, 8g memory, 1 t hard disk, plus 1080 P touch screen can be very good.
Although SSD is not equipped, through the actual experience, there has been no slow start-up or delay in reading files, and the touch screen experience is more sensitive than expected.
The minimum thickness control is 24.
24mm, plus the brushed metal cover, makes the appearance look fashionable, but 2.
4 kg of the weight needs to be strengthened.
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