deptfords louis pecsi illustrates poes works in graphic novel - computer drawing pad-ITATOUCH-img

deptford's louis pecsi illustrates poe's works in graphic novel - computer drawing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-13
deptford\'s louis pecsi illustrates poe\'s works in graphic novel  -  computer drawing pad
There is an important reason why Luis Persie turns to the terrible poet Edgar Allen Poe in his second graphic novel.
"The number of illiterate people in this country is high," said Depford, who lives in the troughs of Collins Wood, whose artwork is displayed on the wall.
"I think this is a good way to motivate young people to read literature. . .
He turned Poe's work into a graphic novel.
"Graphic novels are very popular these days.
Pecsi hopes that high school students and college students will be attracted to his new book "Poe of Awakening.
After completing his first print novel, "the origin of nosyfervy: Unknown", Pecsi wondered what to do for Anke.
Then he said, "Poe came to me in a dream and told me some of his works . ".
"He told me that he liked my job.
Pecsi liked the idea very much.
At first, he thought the sequel to "northfedora" would be a good second project, but after his dream, he began to work on showing Poe's work.
Pecsi's graphic novels, he says, are all done with a digital pen on the computer's drawing board.
"It saved me financially," Pecsi said . ".
"I also like the flexibility to draw it with numbers.
Pecsi can save each image and constantly adjust them to get the look he wants instead of drawing the image on the canvas and then scanning them to lay out his graphic fiction page.
"I found this to be a great way for me to work in art," he said . ".
Under the introduction of Roger Coleman, the King of film B, Peixi got five famous works of Poe --
"Crow", heart telling the story, "Black Cat", "Pit and Pendulum" and "loneliness "--
And surrounded them in his own style with vivid pictures.
"I don't want it to look like a traditional graphic novel.
I want to create a free one.
"The flow effect," he said.
Mary Beth Kosich, a friend of Pecsi, pointed to his new novel and said: "People who like to read graphic novels, they like this . ".
"Lu created more works of art with this graphic novel.
"Since he was 3 years old, he has always been interested in art and painting, Pecsi is a graduate of Rowan University, and he used to go to some private with artist nassisha Witherby
A few years ago, Pecsi had a serious car accident that affected his memory and reading ability.
Working for his first print novel, "northfedora: The Origin of unknown", is a cure for his mind to be repaired.
"He has to learn how to read it again," Kosich said . ".
But Pecsi says he believes the car accident is good for his creation.
"My views on things have changed.
"I see things differently now," he said . "
In the coffee shop in Collingswood
One of Pecsi's favorite attractions
On the wall behind the store, there are several of his original paintings.
Each piece is digitally processed and placed on the sheet for only $20.
"I 'd rather have people buy my artwork," he said . ".
"I want them to have it if they like it.
He hopes that the high school teacher will read the awakening slope and is willing to use it as a way to introduce the slope to the students.
He also said he was pleased to sign the contract at the Edgar Allan Poe building in Philadelphia.
"I would love to do so.
I just want them to be interested . "
Pecsi's next signing will take place on November at Harden heights's comic stand.
Start at 2. m.
"Wake up Poe" can be purchased on www. theawakenedpoe. com.
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