discover the best for your child with this new-age school - smart board screen-ITATOUCH-img

discover the best for your child with this new-age school - smart board screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-22
discover the best for your child with this new-age school  -  smart board screen
Screening schools to find the best schools for your children can be a daunting task.
As a parent, you have to consider many factors carefully, such as top-
Rate education standards, convenient geographical location, safe support for learning atmosphere, extra-curricular wings, etc.
Before making the final choice
The years spent at school are formed, and there is plenty of evidence that the environment in which children are educated has a great impact on their overall development.
In this case, it is important to choose a school that can help your child get extra help in the future.
When you live in a city like Delhi, it becomes more difficult to choose the school of your choice, where there are many options.
On the one hand, you need to value a school to make your child proficient and accomplished in education and other related fields, and equally important, it gives them the same weight to develop intuitive and creative skills for all.
Inclusive development.
Paul George global School, a model of school education in the capital, brings together the most important elements of the academic and creative College, located in Alaknanda, in the center of south Delhi.
Established under the auspices of St.
George's Educational Society was established in memory of the late schri.
Paul M George, former executive director and son of Shri. M. G.
George muterro, chairman of the muterro Group;
Paul George global school redefined school education in the country in many ways.
In addition to cutting-
In order to help students become better problem solvers and decision makers, the school also focuses on releasing the inner potential of each child and developing interpersonal skills.
As a parent who wants to promote and identify a child's natural talent and cognitive skills, here's why Paul George global School (PGGS)
Should be your first choice. World-
The PGGS campus received the prestigious national award under the "campus architecture and design" category in the education sector, which redefined excellence through all parameters.
For nearly 2000 students, it has a level G 4 until grade 12.
In fact, Wi is everywhere on campus-
The Fi fills the campus with airy and spacious classrooms specifically designed to make good use of natural light.
Interestingly, the children's classrooms are also equipped with special French --
Artificial vinyl flooring gives your child maximum safety while learning and playing.
The PGGS classroom has pushed classroom education to a higher level and is equipped with next-
The Pearson DigiClass smart board is designed to provide a variety of features
Media-based teaching solutions-empower teachers to transform traditional blackboardsand-
Turn the chalk classroom into an interactive and engaging meeting to increase learning and retention.
Unique features of Smart board include touch
Screen, facilities pre-
Load content, write-on-board and auto-save options.
In addition, the school is equipped with a "radiation cooling", also known as a heat activated building system (TABS)
To have an ecological environment
Friendly, efficient and efficient use of energy to cool the house in an all-round way.
The whole initiative was put forward to reduce the carbon footprint.
The school also has an auditorium equipped with automatic retractable seats, a unique technology introduced from South Korea that allows all seats to take back 5 feet of the space in less than 5 minutes, thus, the whole indoor game area that can accommodate basketball is table tennis and badminton.
In this state-of-the-art learning atmosphere, your child's best abilities are sure to be best utilized.
Ideal student: teachers are the first resource and guide for students than teachers.
It is teachers who promote the full potential of learners.
This makes the importance of the low teacher-student ratio extremely important.
The role of the teacher in the student learning process becomes more effective, in addition to allowing the teacher to manage the classroom with more power.
At Paul George global school, this is achieved through a dedicated and selected team of teachers who love children and love teaching.
PGGS provides an atmosphere for your child to make learning fun, not to be perceived as a burden.
The most important thing for student health is that the school is truly unique and has developed infrastructure after careful consideration of the prevailing environmental problems in the city.
Therefore, the school is empty.
Eco-air conditioning-
Friendly and energy
The efficient radiation cooling system reduces the level of pollution in schools, which is the first time a school in India has been introduced.
This system is specially imported from Germany and involves hot water circulation (during winters)
And cold water (during summers)
By means of pipes embedded on the building board, the ideal temperature is provided for the best health of the child.
This unique technology maintains uniform heating and cooling throughout the campus, so that your little ones are not affected by temperature changes.
In addition to this, each classroom is equipped with a high quality air purifier.
There is also one in this school. equipped in-
Professional, qualified and well-trained health care centertime nurse.
Worrying parents
Free, doctor-on-
Attend any medical emergency.
Seeing Paul George's global school amphitheater, which offers the best sports, is enough to determine the importance of the school for sports and athletics.
Large amphitheater overlooking central green playground and mini
Hockey and football game areas with children
Green Lawn purchased from New Zealand.
There is also a unique roof on the campus.
Top skating rink and Wimbledon style tennis court
Friendly and smooth surface of international standards.
Other people who like cricket can make the most of it.
Mature cricket playground with floodlights for day and night games and cricket practice nets.
For athletes and runners, the school has 8-
Lane, a 100-meter global standard synthetic runway imported from New Zealand, provides a consistent surface that is not affected by bad weather.
The school also pays special attention to the extra-
Facilities for young children such as full coverage, indoor, heated pool and scientifically designed children to meet their course needsfriendly sand-pit and splash-
Swimming pool and outdoor play area specially provided for young children. New-
Management and teaching staff at Paul George Global School strive to do things in different ways and in innovative ways, and their vision is to improve teaching methods and drive academic excellence.
"Innovative teaching practice" ranked 1st, accounting for 2018, and the school's curriculum is based on modern teaching methods of experience, concept and situational learning.
Some of these unique teaching methods include: Teacher home visits-teacher home visits to students' homes, working with parents to achieve the best results for children. Passion Time -
This gives each child a chance to participate in additional activities
Activities other than schedule classes.
Additional mileage plan
Among them, the children were exposed to various parameters of a specific country within two months.
They mainly focus on location, language, festivals, clothing and food.
Connecting ideas: give parents the opportunity to go to school and experience the strategies and methods teachers use in class.
The importance of value orientation schools attach great importance to instilling values into children.
It aims to keep them in touch with their roots and empathize with others by instilling basic values of Indian culture, respecting parents, teachers and elders, discipline, patriotism, and develop attitudes to help poor and vulnerable groups.
Value building is one of the most important things that every educational institution should instill, because it will make your child fully developed into a complete and responsible person.
PGGS provides an enabling international campus where children can develop skills, enhance the knowledge base, interact and absorb different cultures and become global citizens.
Make your children a part of this international atmosphere and release their dreams today.
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