diy tablet: powerful, easy-to-make, relatively cheap part 1: the guts - best drawing tablet with s

diy tablet: powerful, easy-to-make, (relatively) cheap [part 1: the guts] - best drawing tablet with screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-09
diy tablet: powerful, easy-to-make, (relatively) cheap [part 1: the guts]  -  best drawing tablet with screen
Hi everyone!
This is my first structure and I'm really excited to share it with you!
Now, let's say you're on this site or app, and I think, since then, you may have at least one idea that hits you like a baseball bat and then takes up the outer edge of your cerebral cortex.
One day, when I was staring at the bound crowd on the screen, I had this situation on the train and I thought, "Hey, what if you could make your own tablet?
"Then I started searching for the guide and 'how to' on the internet and found a great guide to Michael Castel detailing how he made his own tablet using Raspberry Pi here
With flashy battery lights, carbon fiber backing and chic walnut finish, the only thing I don't like is the Raspberry Pi and the difficulty of building it.
I want something (actually a lot)
More projects that will not cost three quarters.
So I turned to Odroid U3 looking for several great communities like performance enthusiasts and similar.
Performance will be refined further next.
A few things to note are: All prices are USD unless otherwise stated. All prices and currency exchanges are until January 2, 2015, which is sufficient to illustrate the unnecessary but poignant context.
It's time to put my money in my mouth and show the numbers.
According to Techradar, I chose several benchmarks based on a series of activities that a person would do on a tablet and benchmark it with the best tablet by the end of 2014, of course, raspberry pie.
Now, as you can see, the performance of Odroid is very close to the Galaxy tab, enough to meet the needs of my daily tablet.
While it may not have the power of the iPad air 2, the total cost of the project is lower than the iPad, and you will become cool, saying that you made your own tablet, which is an annoying bragging right.
Another point I should mention is that the power consumption of Odroid u3 at 5 v is slightly higher than 1A or up to 2A, which is very good for the battery life of most power groups and tablets.
Reference: DIY tablets are basically made up of 3 main things.
A micro-computer, touch screen and battery pack.
Please note that all shipping costs are from your country of origin to Singapore, so fees may vary depending on where you live. A.
KoreaYou needs to get the following from this website: hardkernel1. Odroid U3 -USD65 -
Spare battery-USD2. 50 -
Maintain the system clock.
Case of Odroid U3-USD4 -
Good measurement.
Usb dc plug cable 2. 5mm (
At least 2 units! )-2X USD1. 9 -
Used to connect the Odroid and touch screen to the battery pack.
Hard to find in other places5. WiFi Module 4 -USD146.
Android-8 gb sd/eMMC moduleUSD8/USD25 -
No matter which one is suitable for your wallet and attention range, eMMC is much faster than SD.
You can use your own SD card, but keep in mind that 8 gb is the lowest.
Also, feel free to buy the larger size if you want. 7. HDMI Cable(Micro, type D)-USD5. 708. Shipping -USD30B.
The next place you need to go is here: blackboard electronics.
10 "universal LCD with HDMI interface and high capacitytouch -USD134. 95 -
This module is unique as it requires a 5 v power supply while most other modules require a 12 v power supply.
This allows the circuit board to be powered through any standard battery pack.
Please note that you can also purchase 7 options if you wish, but not 14 and 15.
6 "version because they need 5. 5V.
Note that out of the box, single touch is supported, and if you want to touch more, you must update the firmware and kernel as described in the Blackboard E-blog. 2. Shipping -USD33. 60C.
If you live in Singapore, I get all my stuff from the infamous Sim Lim Square. 1.
HDMI Type A to C converter-SGD5/USD3. 62 -
The blackboard electronic screen receives type c hdmi input. 2.
USB male to USB mini male-SGD3/USD2. 17 -
The blackboard electronic board uses the USB mini input from Odroid to get the touch screen data. 3.
12,000 mAh battery pack with dual charging port-SGD19/USD13. 77 -
Power supply for tablets.
Dual ports are required via USB-power both the Odroid and blackboard electronic screens at the same time
DC plug cable from Korea.
Note that some power groups cut off power when Odroid and screen are plugged in (
Too much current drawn)
So the best way to check is to bring the Odroid and screen to the e-store and test it in the store. Total cost (
Freight is not included): USD257. 51Total cost (
Including delivery): USD321.
A little fun!
Some kind of crazy scientist satisfaction from Connecting Electronics, once this part is started, you should start to feel it.
This helps not to involve welding, you just need to connect one end to the other.
First, start by connecting the RTC backup battery and the SD/eMMC module to the Odroid.
Figure 1: connect the HDMI cable to the hdmi a-to-C converter.
Figure 2: connect HDMI micro, 2.
5mm USB to DC cable, WiFi module and USB to USB mini cable for Odroid.
Figure 3: Connect 2.
The 5mm USB to DC cable for the electronic screen of the Chalkboard.
Figure 4: connect the Odroid cable to the blackboard electronic cable.
You should have 2 USB Type A cables not plugged anywhere.
Figure 5: connect these two cables to a portable power supply.
If luck is in your favor, you should see the android logo on the blackboard electronic screen within a minute.
Grinning like an idiot and jumping to the last step.
I ripped my hair off when I first made the tablet because it didn't start up and I don't know why.
Fortunately, my sanity.
Sweet hair)
The Odroid community came to the rescue.
A lot of trouble, odroid, joerg, help me with the Odroid problem.
So, in my experience, I am here to hand-write a complete trouble-shooting guide for the new one: if you still can't get your motherboard to work, Ze complete oguide guide, I suggest simply post your question on the Odroid Forum.
I am sure this amazing community will be able to clean up soon.
What good things are really cool if you don't show off?
I will post a guide soon on how to defend your new tablet! (
I'm playing with fiberglass and Pepakura method, I might switch to 3D printing if it doesn't work)
This brings us to the end of this teaching and I hope you enjoy reading or making it as much as you do.
Thank you for coming!
If you have any further questions, I would be more than happy to answer them in the comments section below! Seeya!
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