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do our kids know how to write thank you notes anymore? - writing pad for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-25
do our kids know how to write thank you notes anymore?  -  writing pad for pc
When I was young, the single shadow hanging over Christmas was inevitably tedious to write thank you letters. you letters.
My mother is a polite person.
Two or three days later.
Celebration, in the gap between old and new, my brothers and sisters had to sit quietly at the table, chew our pencils and wonder what to say other than dear grandma, thank you for your book. I love it.
It seems impolite not to say more, because the page on my tablet yawned, white, empty.
I finished the preliminaries ahead of time as I got older and it was a useful exercise to distract me from the slow approach to Christmas: Dear Grandma, thank you . . . . . . I like it.
After the main event I just need to add the missing words and of course I use the pen I used to copy the original words.
I inherited the habit of my mother forcing my children to admit gifts, but they did not bear the burden as I did;
Now, a short text message is enough: thnx 4 ur pres gran, its gr8.
Sometimes my mother absorbs the essence of information, but sometimes she gets confused.
"I don't know what she's talking about . . . . . . " She would say a text message from my daughter.
The daughter told me that when I expressed my tentative concerns about her generation that might compromise literacy and grandparents understanding, "Stupid fear teenagers will soon become a thumb mutation due to excessive use of their phones is belittled.
Just because I'm a teenager doesn't mean I can't switch between text
Speech and formal paper writing;
It's as easy as switching between chatting with your friends and talking to old people.
Your mother is probably included.
My anxiety stems from a lack of technical education.
When I needed to do research for a history article, I took out a volume of encyclopedias from the shelf, blowing dust from the cover, and my finger tail followed various types of lines.
On the other hand, my son typed "Stalin, man, or monster" to Google with keywords appearing on the screen, allowing him to quickly identify what needs to be investigateddepth.
When I was a child, if you were traveling in the summer, you would write letters or postcards to keep in touch with your parents --remember those? —
You know how to address and have to buy a stamp to send it.
My children seldom send envelopes.
Why bother when you can send cards online?
When they travel, they send instant updates and images over the phone.
They were shocked when I told them that my mom often waited for three weeks to know where I had arrived safely.
But my concern that technology might compromise written writing is out of date.
The brave new world for my children is new.
As a member of the British literary association, Guy businessman observed that "language and literacy will change over time.
Social, economic and technological conditions affect these changes to a large extent.
"My children are the product of their time.
We don't just communicate today in a variety of ways, including email and instant messaging;
The technology we use to communicate
Mobile phones and laptops
Is constantly developing.
"These different channels of communication have led to the emergence of new ways of communication, including text abbreviations and initials acronyms, so" writing, used to be a relatively conservative language model, "Merchant said, enjoy the moment of creativity.
The key is for young people to read and it doesn't seem like there is any drop, just a wider opportunity.
"Reading and writing in any form is advantageous," he added . ".
One thing that reminded me of his comment, I heard a teacher say to a mother that she was worried that her children only read cartoons, his peers were "provided by Harry Potter, even on the back of the cereal bag at breakfast, the opportunity to explore the language.
"There is no evidence that the use of words can harm children's literacy.
In fact, many popular abbreviations used by children are essentially phonetic (
They often spell when they speak).
As DianeBarone, a professor of literacy studies at the University of Nevada, observed, "Young children, because of touch --
Screen technology, you can use the screen to help you learn phoneme awareness and voice.
Students who find reading difficulties can use technology to help read a book as their skills develop, and consider all the impacts of students with various disabilities, and how technology can help them.
"She reminded me that there is a huge" shift "in the source of the text, so it is appropriate to have substantial changes in the way it is handled.
"I think it's better to look at what literacy is different from what it used to be, and to some extent what is lacking, to see what it can provide," she said . ".
Of course, the media for children to access written writing is now very large --
Many children who may be overwhelmed when faced with the weight of the book will not be intimidated by a single page on the tablet.
Since older generations still play catch-up games a lot, text dialogue can cause confusionup.
Our children grew up with the help of technology, they have to teach us what it means to double click on the iPad, and have to translate text messages for us.
"Haha, laughing loud, not as loving as you did that day, mom," My daughter reminded me with the slightest anger that WTF wasn't, it was great when a mother responded to her daughter's excellent test results.
Rowan is a freelance journalist.
There is obviously a mother.
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