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do you remember pamela smart?  -  smart
Pamela Smart's voice arrived earlier than she did.
In the prison corridor.
The heels clucked on the floor tiles. Moving fast.
She said that they called her "jingle" here because she flew from place to place like a cartoon fairy, always in a hurry, always in sports, trying to forget that she has all the time in the world. Years before O. J.
The Simpson case is fictional. for-
Smart starred in the first mallet at the TV gala. to-
Video of a murder trial in the United StatesS. history.
This is a dirty story of blood and lust.
The trial caused a stir in the international arena, convincing that CourtTV aired the trial on 1991 and conducted the trial on a local television station in New Hampshire, in order to prove sexual obsession and betrayal, watch the daytime soap opera first.
Smart Life echoes the long-standing truths and myths
Most days ago-
Security women's prison in New York.
When she was 23 years old, she was forcibly sentenced to life imprisonment and there was no possibility of parole because the jury decided that she had used her sexuality to manipulate her former teenage lover to murder her husband.
Pamela Smart, who has been behind the prison wall for more than many years, can use reality to challenge tabloids headlines to blur his mind (
No, she's not a school teacher)
And fictional renderings, such as her chilling character inspired by Nicole Kidman's movie "die for it.
"It's easy for me to play the role of femme fatale and leave it there," said Smart, 51, on a phone call from prison one afternoon.
Smart agreed to a series of telephone conversations and video prison interviews with The Washington Post, in which she provided previously undisclosed details, and a close glimpse of her release from life imprisonment as she begins her new efforts
Her case is still fascinating, at a moment in American history, when living --without-
Parole sentences are being re-evaluated, and in many cases the governors of politically diverse states such as Maryland, California and Louis Anna have canceled parole sentences.
There are websites dedicated to winning Smart's release and regular catch-up storms for a woman who has been in jail for so long that she has never used the Internet or iPhone.
Amateur detectives look closely at the details of the case to support her ardent charges of innocence.
The whistleblower revealed some clues to her legal counsel and mother.
They believe in the other wisdom of Pamela.
Pamela Smart said she was wrongly convicted, or Pamela Smart wanted the world to consider her argument that she was imprisoned even if the jury found her guilty
Her critics saw another temptation, a strategy to attract the public, not a teenage boy.
Paul Maggiotto, who sued the Smart case, is now in private practice, calling Smart "anti-social" in an interview ".
But some of America's most famous feminists have helped her, partly because the teenage triggerman and his three male associates have been released from prison, the woman who became the surface of the case is still in prison.
Among the people who wrote to the state on her behalf, Gloria strenham, the playwright of the vagina monologue, Eve Ensler, and the pioneering author of Sexual Politics, Kate milllet, she visited Smart in prison before she died last year and strongly claimed she was innocent.
Their request is included in 695-
The legal document calls for a reduction in the sentence of Republican Governor Chris Nunu of New Hampshire to qualify her for parole.
The state attorney general's office objected to the request, which slowed down due to procedural requirements, saying in a heated response that she did not deserve the "mercy and sympathy" she wanted ".
The response said that Smart "blames herself entirely for her crimes and her current predicament, but the responsibility lies in her own place . ".
Smart's legal team wants to convince the country that her judgment is an example of the inconsistency between the judicial system and modern legal and moral thinking.
But her lawyers and supporters also want to cast doubt on the results of the Smart trial, revisiting a strange sight that began with a terrible thing that happened late in the night in Delhi, New York. H.
On a street called Misty morning Avenue
Pamela Smart has been thinking about death.
She thought of this in her attendance at the memorial ceremonies of other prisoners whose remains will be shipped to the site of Porter prison, where they bury the female bodies that no one wants to claim.
Sometimes, when someone passes by what she calls "her room", a stray comment she hears triggers the idea --
It's actually where her phone is.
But just as the idea of dying in prison often pops up in her mind.
One afternoon, Smart said on the phone, "it's always in my brain . "
"I would rather be put to death than die here.
"One morning in 1993, she came to the Bedford Hills women's correctional facility to transfer from the New Hampshire prison where she has been living since she was convicted two years ago.
The official claim is "security reasons", but the clever suspect "New Hampshire wants to sweep me out" makes it harder for family and lawyers to visit.
Smart also said that her former hometown was unfair to her because prisoners of similar sentences were imprisoned in New Hampshire.
A prison spokeswoman declined to comment on the reasons for her transfer.
Smart is one of only four female prisoners outside New Hampshire.
Smart's prison is located on the rolling hills of northern New York City, the highest house price in the United States.
It held a more notorious parade in the country.
Well-known criminals including civilian prison tailor Joyce Mitchell
The recent Showtime series, run away in danimola, describes the romantic entanglement of shop workers who helped perform bold breakthroughs with two prisoners.
Amy Fisher, a teenage "Long Island Lolita", was sentenced to the shooting of the wife of her lover, Joy butafoko;
Jean Harris murdered a former man.
Lover of the author of the complete Scottsdale medical diet.
"In the years that Smart was transferred to Mount Bedford, her eye socket broke in the attack of two prisoners.
She had to implant a plastic board through surgery and lost her feeling on her left side.
In the New Hampshire prison, she can put on a wedding ring, says smart.
But when she came to Mount Bedford, she said it was not allowed to do so because there was a diamond background there.
She gave it to her mother and asked her to hold it.
At the moment three years after her husband was killed, what does the ring mean to her, what she wants to keep --it still does. "Why don't I?
She said in a recent interview at the prison library.
"I mean, I'm not married yet.
Pamela worthy became a lady.
Gregory Smart in 1989
They met at a party in New Hampshire when she was visiting her family during college.
Her new boyfriend moved to Florida to live with her after completing her Communication degree at Florida State University.
While she was not in class, she worked as an intern at a local TV station and hosted a program called "Metal Madness" on the university radio station.
She said that she is also the propaganda director of the TV station, which means that she has issued backstage passes for performances such as the Scorpion and the white whale.
"I went backstage with everyone," Smart recalls . ".
"I am the woman with all the goods.
She is eager to be a TV journalist, a la Barbara Walters, but can't find a decent one
She worked in the industry after graduation.
After her mother reminded her of her role as director of media services, the couple moved back home to write feelings
Good news story and management video library for 11 schools in southeast New Hampshire.
Smart said her marriage was happy for a while.
Her husband found a job as a life insurance agent.
He bought her a dog called Helen.
The name of her favorite band, Van Halen, turned around.
They moved into a rental apartment near his parents and her new mother. in-
The law helped her decorate it.
There are weekend outings at Trump casino in Atlantic City.
But they haven't been married for a year, said Smart, when her husband admitted to her that he had-night stand.
"I think I have a problem and I'm not good enough," Smart said . ".
At that time, she was a self-promoter of a school. esteem program.
Through this project, she met a 15-year-
An old student volunteer named Billy Flynn.
She remembers Flynn, six years younger than her, taking a shot at her and saying she eventually "started feeling for him ".
I thought he felt me too.
"There are conflicting claims about who tempted who, but both Flynn and Smart testified that they became lovers.
Smart said they started having sex sometime around his 16 th birthday, and in about two months she slept with him more than five times.
She said that her husband's admission has been making her uncomfortable --set.
"I don't feel like I'm going to be dealing with other people without this happening," she said . ".
In prison, she asked herself over and over how she ended her relationship.
One day she said on the phone, "Sometimes I will find the answer . ".
"Sometimes I feel like I don't know myself," she said.
May 1, 1990-
Before her sixth anniversary
Pamela Smart found out she was 24 when she got home from a school meeting. year-
The old husband died, lying in the mud on the floor of their apartment.
As the survey progresses, her mother, Linda wolhaas, said in a recent interview that Smart is in a state of madness, alternating between depression and mania.
Wolhaas said she took Smart to a mental health agency for residents.
Wojas said the facility was about to accommodate her when both the mother and daughter hesitated.
"I don't want to leave her there," Wojas said . ".
"I think I can take care of her better.
I think I made a terrible mistake.
"Next month, the case of Gregory Smart's murder was made public.
Two friends of Billy Flynn
Pete Randall and Vance ratty Jr. —
Told a classmate that they were involved in the murder.
They eventually surrendered and pleaded guilty after agreeing to cooperate in exchange for a reduced sentence.
They said Lattime bought bullets with the money Smart gave him.
Flynn said that when Randall was holding a knife in front of the victim, he hit Gregory Smart in the head.
The differences in the class are obvious.
The boys are from work.
The class neighborhood that cartoonist Al Kemp says provides inspiration for his rube
The character of Appalachian in the comic "Li 'l Abner.
Smart is the daughter of a Delta pilot who is humble and rises to live a comfortable life.
After being told they would be prosecuted as adults, the boys eventually told investigators that Smart planned the killings to the smallest detail --
An entrance was opened so that when her husband came home they could surprise him with instructions to make it look like a thief and be willing to pay $500 per person.
Looking back, Smart said, none of these things happened.
But she allowed Flynn to at least possibly interpret her words as a request to kill her husband.
She said she told him, "You know, I can't do that because I have a husband.
If he translates this sentence, you know, he can't have me as long as Greg is around, that's his brain. . .
As long as Gregg is here, Bill will never have me in person.
While Flynn was in jail, smart almost made it easy for investigators to accuse her of being the culprit.
She had a series of conversations with Cecilia Pierce, and police monitored using phone bugging and body lines.
On the tape that will be played at Smart's trial next spring, she appears to be urging Pierce to lie to investigators.
According to a record of prosecution, Smart said in an exchange: "If you tell the truth, you will become an accessory to murder . ".
"If you send me to f-ing slammer? ” she asks.
These conversations are a guessing game, says Mr Smart.
She is conducting her own private investigation and pretends to know more about crime than she does.
A friend of her husband confirmed part of her story at the trial. On Aug.
Smart was arrested 1990.
The circus is about to begin.
"Let me tell you, quote what fake media did to us 28 years ago," Linda wolhaas said on the phone a recent afternoon . ".
When her trial was launched in 1991, Smart became an eye-catching core figure, customized
Born for media frenzy
Blonde petite figure
She is sometimes described as a "teacher" and Smart sees this as a mistake that has been instilled in stereotypes.
Some reports point out that a hit song by her favorite band, Van Halen, is called "teacher fever ".
Smart and her supporters often complain that the media is paying too much attention to her appearance.
During the trial, the bow on her hair became a fascinating thing.
The jury was not isolated until the day after consideration.
It was later discovered that a juror recorded a recording of her thoughts on the trial in the evening.
The witnesses were also not isolated;
Flynn lives with two other boys and can sometimes watch each other's testimony.
Smart's behavior on the witness stand reminds people that she is an ice and snow princess.
She didn't shed tears in court, but her former lover Flynna big-
Children with eyes have a typical hairy fish hairstyle in their 1980 s.
Shout openly at the witness box.
In retrospect, Smart said she grew up to control her emotions;
Stoicism is a virtue.
But on the night of the trial, when no one looked, she said she was crying.
A basic basis of this case is that Smart is an older woman who uses her sexual fantasies to enter a teenager who is fascinated by her to the extent he wants to kill for her.
Prosecutors called Flynn a "virgin" and said in the final debate that he had a "first sexual experience ".
He's on his head.
I think she likes this.
Smart believes that these statements give the impression that Flynn is an "innocent" person and that she has "stained" the person.
Her lawyer tried to question Flynn's testimony, arguing in her request for a reduction in sentence --
No proof.
They found new evidence that Flynn was not a virgin until he met Smart.
Flynn, encouraged by an official at the parole hearing, did not speak to the media after his release, and he refused to comment through a lawyer.
She said she had no experience in love.
Asked about her sexual experience she said in a telephone interview that she was "sexually active" in high school and her boyfriend, but she said that she was too busy during college before meeting her future husband, unable to date.
Although the trial is underway, it is clear that the legend is destined to be staged in Hollywood.
Pierce, a key witness against smart, has reached a film deal.
The line between what happens in the real world and what happens on the TV screen is blurring --
Even on the witness stand.
Flynn testified that he and Smart watched the movie 9 weeks and then re-performed a hot sexy scene.
"I think he had problems recalling where reality started and the movie stopped," Smart testified . ".
Judging from his position on the desk of the prosecution, Maggiotto did not buy anything.
The evidence was overwhelming, he said in a recent interview: "I just don't think she's that credible. ”On Mar.
22,1991, the jury convicted her of tampering with witnesses and conspiracy to murder and became the first associatedegree murder.
According to New Hampshire law, the conviction of an accessory means that she will spend the rest of her life in prison.
Shortly after the verdict was made, a juror was in the first
A character article from The Boston Globe says he believes any suggestion that the decision was "insulted" by the media.
More recently, the 2014 HBO documentary "fascination: The Trial of Pamela Smart" had a juror who would hang up the jury if she knew that Smart would be sentenced to life imprisonment.
One night in the middle
Pamela Smart, in her 1990 s, sits in a chair in a prison in Bedford Hill watching a movie night.
As always, she says, she doesn't know what movies will be played.
She felt a chill when the opening shot appeared on the screen.
The movie is called dead for, starring Nicole Kidman.
A crazy woman had an affair with a teenager and then manipulated him to kill her husband. Smart froze.
"It's like when you see a car accident, you say to yourself, 'Why do I want to see this? '
She recalled in an interview.
"Later, people actually believed in this because they had already seen it on TV.
"The film was shot in a simulated style and was a great success, it was adapted from Joyce Maynard's novel of the same name.
Kidman's description of Suzanne Maretto, the inspiration for the role of Smart is very obvious and very Smart.
"She described me as flaky, like a pilot," Smart said . ".
"She is ambitious and even willing to start with anyone who is holding her back from achieving her ambitions.
She is very narcissistic in this film.
I don't do that at all.
"This movie is her killer," said Eleanor Pam, her academic advisor . ".
"The guard told her, 'I saw it.
I know what you did.
According to Smart, a prison guard sexually assaulted her on 2003 and took pictures of her underwear, she also posed the same in the photos she showed to the jury at the trial.
She said he threatened to kill her family if she told anyone.
The photos were later published by state inquirers. (
The guards died later. )
In the same year, she received a master's degree in English literature;
This is the second time she received a master's degree in law from the University of Southern California two years ago for professional research.
She says she is now working on a PhD at the Ministry of Education.
"I don't have time to get frustrated," said Smart, a complaint representative and an HIV-infected person . "
Prevention advisor to fellow prisoners, and if she is released, the dream of working for HIV prevention at the United Nations.
But sometimes she gets angry, she says.
In particular, in June 2015, Flynn got married in prison and Randall was released early on parole. (
Lattime, which provides guns and drives a runaway car, was released on parole on 2005;
Raymond Fowler, who was waiting in the car on the night of the murder, was released on parole on 2003. )
On a sunny day, she felt her inner anger strengthening.
"They may now live a luxurious life on the beach," she thought . ".
The release of four men involved in the murder gave Smart supporters a further boost to their arguments about the role of gender in the case.
"Feminists understand right away," says Pam, a professor at the City University of New York, who is the chairman of the non-profit feminist history group America's established feminists.
"Obviously, she's the 20 th.
The century version of all female villains in history.
Legendary feminist leader Steinem quoted these press releases and called Smart's words "great injustice ".
Maynard wrote a letter to the governor's office saying: "No matter to what extent Pamela Smart's opportunity to get a fair parole hearing was influenced by my novel, I am sure you will do everything you can to correct the situation by giving her the same second chance.
Maynard did not respond to multiple requests for interviews with the article, and she has been saying that her novel was published after the trial of Smart, a novel, the storyline was influenced by what she read about Smart in the media.
Smart has asked for mercy before.
On 2004, New Hampshire refused her request to reduce her sentence.
A key to the reduction of sentence cases is whether the prisoner has assumed responsibility and expressed regret.
Smart people find this an impossible riddle.
She said she did not want to admit that she did not commit a crime.
She left behind a path of chaos.
Pleaded not guilty, and at the same time made the argument that could be used by someone who was admitted guilty.
For example, citing scientific research that supports arguments that people under the age of 25 should not be sentenced to life imprisonment because their brains are not fully developed, they should not be responsible for their actions in prison as are older offenders.
Strong opposition from the attorney general to her current demands emphasizes that she still does not accept "full responsibility ".
Smart accused "the press, witnesses, trial judges and prosecutors ". . . .
She tried to blame others for her imprisonment, which not only reflected her guilt, but also reflected her inability to recover.
Smart said she would lie if she admitted planning her husband's murder, but part of Strelzin's argument is true to her.
"It's been the fault of the whole world for years --
"It's not mine," she said.
"In a way, in my brain, I don't want it to be my fault.
Now, she said, "I do feel responsible for the death of my husband. . . .
Think about it. I said it was all my fault.
If I don't make the first terrible decision
Having an Affair]
Nothing will happen.
Smart's mother, Linda Wojas, said at her home on an island in New Hampshire that she walked three miles a day hoping she would live enough to make her daughter
Wojas, who has just turned 77, said: "I don't have much time . ".
"I was 49 when it happened.
She was consumed by the process of finding clues.
"My husband is tired," she said . ".
In a recent afternoon, she said on the phone: "Today I received a call from an informant.
Please, God, let this be something that changes all of this.
She wrote a book but couldn't find a publisher.
She is now working with a different agent.
Pam in New York
Academic Advisor and spokesperson for Smart
Stop those who are trying to integrate themselves into the legend.
"I have some people who are trying to make themselves players.
They want to solve this problem.
"They are blocking the road," she said . ".
"In my life, I don't know why it's staying.
Her mailbox is full of letters.
She says some people write that they want smart people to "rot in jail" and become "gang members"
Rape every night.
"I fell in love with her," others said . "
Can you introduce me?
Smart also received a letter.
Dozens a week.
She said she answered every question and showed healing tissue on her fingers to prove it.
Most people who write about her say encouraging things, she says.
She occasionally receives a proposal.
A writer called her "sexy ".
"I think, 'Come on! ,’ ” she says.
"I'm not that hot --anymore.
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