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does technology in the classroom ever get in the way of learning? - smart board screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-22
does technology in the classroom ever get in the way of learning?  -  smart board screen
Questions about the news of students aged 13 and over.
The school district spent millions of dollars wiring classrooms, installing smart boards, and buying laptops and iPads so students could use technology more.
All of these devices will increase students' learning.
But is it possible that sometimes the opposite is true?
Will the technology in the classroom hinder students' learning?
In the works of January 2015
Is there too much technology for students?
Susan Pinke wrote :. . . . . . More technology in the classroom has always been a policy --making panacea.
But there is growing evidence that bathing students with network equipment, especially those from troubled families, will not close the class gap in education.
If so, it will expand it.
At the beginning of 2000, Duke University economists Jacob Vigdor and Helen Lade tracked the academic progress of nearly 1 million disadvantaged middle school students.
School students have the opposite date of their access to networked computers.
Researchers Evaluate students' math and reading skills every year for five years and document how they spend their time.
The news is not very good.
Economists write that students who get home computers between grade 5 and grade 8 tend to see a continuous decline in reading and math scores, and that Internet licenses are also associated with the lower grades of young children.
In fact, as long as researchers pay close attention to students' academic performance, their scores will drop and remain depressed.
Worse, the weaker students (boys, African-Americans)
More affected than others.
When their computer arrived, their reading scores fell off the cliff.
We don't know why that is, but we can speculate.
Since no adults supervise them, many children use their web devices not for academic purposes, but for playing games, browsing social media and downloading entertainment. (And why not?
Most adults do the same, given their choice. )
The problem is the different effects of poor families on children.
Low-born baby
Income parents have at least 40% of waking time in front of the screen more than double the middle time. class babies.
Compared with more privileged children, they also have much less hugs and jokes at family dinners. The give-and-
These interactions can predict the success of powerful vocabulary and schools.
Apps and videos are not needed.
If children who spend more time on electronic devices are also more likely to be out of sync with their personal behavior and learning before the fourth grade, why is it considered a good idea to add more views and clicks on their school day?
Student: Read the whole article and tell us . . . . . . Have you noticed that the technology in class is holding students back from learning?
How often do students distract themselves by surfing the Internet, playing video games, or using social media on school computers?
In your school, teachers often underestimate expensive technology?
How good do you think your teacher is using technology in class?
Can you describe an era in which a teacher really promotes your learning by using technology?
What advice would you give your teacher to use the technology more efficiently?
The 2011 articles describe a deliberately low-key Silicon Valley School. tech. Why would tech-
Smart parents choose to send their children to schools that are dissatisfied with educational technology?
Do you think the decisions of these parents are correct? Why?
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