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dot² - an interactive coffee table - interactive table for schools

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-02
dot² - an interactive coffee table  -  interactive table for schools
During my internship I set up an interactive table where you can run animations, some awesome LED effects, yes, play the old school game! !
I was inspired to create this coffee table from the music visualizer table in crt4041. This table is controlled by a Bluetooth application developed using MIT app Inventor.
Let's start building. . . ! !
Hardware fill electronic fill tool now in use
Up the 28 "28" layer
The plate and the side of each unit are measured by 2 inch, making a uniform grid.
Mark the center of each unit and start drilling. . . GO! GO! GO!
After drilling all the way to 196 holes, it's time to fix the LEDs.
Note: fix the led as shown in the above figure, otherwise use the software and code.
Now, use hot glue LEDs on the substrate.
There are two different kinds of software that can be used with 1.
GLEDIATOR of SolderLabs. de2.
Custom code with Bluetooth added to the hardware so that you can run 8-
A little game on the table.
To play the game, I designed a circuit involving the Bluetooth module and the Arduino Mega.
This uses the app on the phone to connect to the table and use the phone as a controller for the table.
I use pin 6 as the signal pin for the LED light strip.
You can change according to your convenience, but be sure to change it in Arduino code! !
Then fix this setting to the lower side of the table and complete the electronic part.
Download the code for Arduino Mega 2560 using the attached file below.
Note: The code does not work on Arduino Uno/Nano/Pro Mini/Micro as they all have 32B flash memory but the required flash memory is more than 32kb. LED-TABLE.
Zip is the code that contains the game and some animations for using mobile for table control on bluegleglediator arduino _ code.
Zip is used to use a table that is always connected to a PC running GLEDIATOR software: If you want to use GLEDIATOR software, there is no boundary to use Arduino Mega 2560.
Update: I included the library in the zip file name Library below.
Run the zip test using several different modes using the GLEDIATOR software and the Arduino code provided by GLEDIATOR.
You can download the app from Google Play.
If you want to change the app, you can change it in MIT's app Inventor by importing the attachment below. aia file.
Connect to your desk and start playing. . . ! !
I made the grid with 4mm white foam board. I marked 2 in. by 28 in.
I made 26 rectangles with a table saw (
13 for horizontal layout, 13 for vertical layout).
Then use the fixture-
See I made a dent in the equal spacing of 4mm wide so the foam-
The slats can be staggered to form a grid.
Using the 4x8 "by 28" 8mm board, I prepared the bracket to leave the 3 boundary from the top inside the box to support the board with led installed.
As shown in the figure, after applying a sufficient amount of wood glue, nail them together so that they can be combined more firmly.
Then slowly put down the grid in the box and see that everything is still normal.
Then, to see if the diffusion is good, I placed milk white acrylic on the top and everything went as planned: d to fix the acrylic on the top of the table for the time being, I used aluminum L-
Thank you so much for the dream canvas help me with this awesome wood work for the table.
Look at his channel! !
The side beads of the table are cut in half and pasted on the shell of the table, as shown in the figure.
Then, after they dry, pin the 4 base legs to the base of the table, apply a layer of PU stain and let it finish at the end.
After doing everything, a 2mm thin glass was placed on the acrylic resin to prevent scratches and coffee stains.
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