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dr. phil appeals for help in solving lindsay buziak slaying - tablets you can draw on

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-11
dr. phil appeals for help in solving lindsay buziak slaying  -  tablets you can draw on
American television psychologist
Phil McGraw called on the public to help solve the problem of Lindsay busziak being killed. The 24-year-
In February, the old real estate agent was stabbed to death while showing a vacant house in Gordon head. 2, 2008.
In the Doctor's episode
Phil McGraw, who aired on Friday, interviewed Jeff busziak, who said he was willing to die for justice for his daughter.
"This is a crime that deserves to be resolved.
The man should do justice for his daughter.
So if you can help, please, please pick up the phone and tip the authorities to see if we can fix this, "McGraw said, encouraging people to call it Lindsay Buziak the hint line month-888-980-1919.
In the clip titled "cruel murder of daughter;
Busziak described the killing of Lindsay, including more than 40 times she was stabbed.
"I sometimes feel like I'm putting my life aside, but it's all for my daughter," Buziak said . ".
"I met with gangsters, drug dealers, criminals, either against them or find out if they could give me any little information about the unsolved murders of my daughter.
Sometimes I get in touch with criminals.
If I can't reach them, I will go to their house.
Buziak said he was pulled down by a gun and he was physically attacked, but he was still undaunted because he thought someone knew something about the crime.
When he held his daughter's body for the last time, he promised her that he would find out who killed her.
Busziak admitted that his career and financial situation had been destroyed.
He said that the people who told him to move on did not understand.
"I'm happy to have a bright light on this and put it in people's minds," McGraw said . ".
"What happened was tragic and I am very sorry for your loss.
He said the attack sounded personal.
Busziak agreed that he believed that the murder was planned by people around Lindsay.
Buziak made a strong criticism of the police investigation and created a website about her killing.
He advised the police to "hide something or someone or cover it up" and told McGraw that the police asked him to close the site because it could jeopardize the integrity of the case.
He also accused Sanic police of knowing who killed Lindsay and why, but did not dare to say.
McGraw said he thought the plot was unlikely to happen.
He told Buziak that, based on his experience, law enforcement officers worked hard to put themselves in danger and protect the safety of the rest of us every day.
"My experience is that they are genuine, highly loyal, sincere, hard-working --
Men and women at work, "he said.
Buziak said he met a man in Victoria in December who had information about Lindsay's murder and he persuaded the man to talk to the police.
On February, the police had not contacted the man, he said.
McGraw suggested that Buziak should sit down with this person and ask them what they know.
Buziak replied that he had, but he could not arrest, so the man still had to talk to the police.
"What do you think happened?
Why do you think she was killed? ” McGraw asked.
Buziak's reply seems to have been edited.
He said, ". . . She saw something she shouldn't have seen . ".
"She is endangering the way people live.
They executed her.
McGraw told Buziak that he understood his frustration and called on the public to pick up the phone if they heard someone talking about the crime.
He said that a small piece of the puzzle will be different from another piece.
Sanić police say they believe some people have individuals and the first
The situation of the killing was mastered and the information was concealed.
"Someone has committed this outrageous crime, someone has done this kind of thing, they speak, they tell others," mcgarough said . ".
"Someone has heard about it somewhere . . . . . . If you hear someone talking about it, if you see something, you pick up the phone if you know something.
"Ldickson @ time colonizer.
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