draw on cards after records tumble in nottingham test - draw on screen-ITATOUCH-img

draw on cards after records tumble in nottingham test - draw on screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-01
draw on cards after records tumble in nottingham test  -  draw on screen
Joe Root and James Anderson's England partner broke everything.
Time Test record of No. 10
On Saturday, the wickets worked together, but the first Test against India at Trent Bridge looked like a draw.
The main team is unlikely to be 39-
Leading 198 in the first innings after the merger of Root and Anderson, leading their team to a total of 496 in the first innings.
England then grabbed two late wickets at the end of the game, lowering India to 167. Murali Vijay (52)
He played for a century in the first inning, Cheteshwar Pujara (55)
Both fell in the last hour, causing tourists to run 128. Part-
Time-flying man moon Ali and Parkman Liam prenckett scored two wickets in the first team. Virat Kohli (eight)
And Ajinkya Rahane (18)were the not-
The batsman was out when the stump was pulled out.
Vijay and Pujara put 91 points on the second wicket, until the latter wicket cut Plunkett to Ben Stokes at the point, with the outfielder at the beginning
However, this day belongs to Root and 31-year-
Old Anderson got the best result on England's 11 th.
England started the day for £ 352 and the couple had to get lucky on certain occasions. The 23-year-
Lao Gen is the backbone of the Bureau and he went on strike in an excellent way as he signed up for his fourth Test century to save his team as they crashed to 202 on Friday
Anderson started his own business.
Until he sent the ball to Davan the first time he slipped off Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who returned to the test-
The best five digits in 82 years.
The record partnership means this is the first time the two sides have compiled the test last time.
After the 111 alliance between Kumar and Mohammed Shami on Thursday, the wicket has three numbers.
Phil Hughes of Australia and Ashton Argal share the record of the past
When they scored 163 points against England, the wicket stood up, ironically at the same venue last year.
Root at his 400-
Anderson scored 17 points in his 230 minutes. minute knock.
India has not won the road test since 2011, while England have lost six in the longest form in the last seven games.
England batsman Jorgen (right)
James Anderson congratulated him after completing his century.
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