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Released By Anna Hodgekiss: EDT 05:57 on March 5, 2014 | update: EDT 12: 06 on March 5, 2014of-
The skin condition of five people is rare, which means she can paint on her own skin and watch it disappear --
Like an etched sketch.
Sarah Beal, 43, from Arley in Warwickshire, is very sensitive to skin, and minor scratches can make the skin swollen.
But the conditions that she was aware-
Known as Dermatology.
Let her create patterns and pictures on the skin that disappeared in an hour.
Dermographism or "skin writing" is a form of urticaria or measles-
There is a rising, itchy rash on the skin.
MS Beal said: "My skin is too sensitive and sometimes I feel uncomfortable even with my clothes.
"When I was lying in bed, the quilt would press on me like a needle.
"I can scratch my arm or back, and where I scratch, the long lines will appear on my arm.
"But I think it's so cool to be able to paint on my skin --
This is my party trick.
She added: "The etching sketch is more accurate --
Although I hope a good shake is enough to eliminate itching.
"Dry skin is considered to be caused by the release of tissue amine by cells under the surface of the skin under the slightest pressure.
Tissue amine is a chemical released in the body as part of an allergic reaction that causes swelling of the skin.
Bell MS discovered her skin grap three years ago.
She said: "It came from where.
At first, I just felt that my skin was becoming more and more sensitive as I got older.
"One day, I scratched my skin and my skin was itchy and raised, but it wasn't serious enough.
But what's worse, I know there are things that are not right.
I can give a scratch on my back and my skin turns red and very painful before I know it.
In the end, I found this situation on Google and I couldn't believe it.
She also stumbled upon her condition.
She said: "I don't know why I thought of it, but when I saw my skin lifted up under a slight touch, I was wondering if I could paint on it.
"I grabbed a spoon from the drawer in the kitchen and drew a heart on my arm with my hand.
I love it when I see the heart on my skin.
"It became very itchy and painful later, but I thought it was so interesting to see it stay on my skin like this.
"I took a picture very quickly and uploaded it to Facebook before it disappeared.
I have tattoos so I love the idea that you can paint on your skin.
My friends and family also thought it was interesting.
Ms. Bill, who runs cake and candy, did not take regular medications to control sensitive skin.
"The situation is very bad at the moment, but I just put up with a smile," she said.
Clothes and bedding can be the most painful when it does explode --
It feels like my skin is filled with needles or pieces of glass.
Some jewelry is also very painful to wear, especially on my neck.
"I also have two puppies, and the smallest thing that blows off them is pain.
"But I do like the fact that I can paint on my skin --
It's a little quirky and different and it's a good start to the conversation.
Matthew Garth, from the British Association of Dermatologists, said: "dermographism" or "skin writing" is a type of urticaria.
Swelling is caused by the release of tissue amine by cells called mast cells in the skin.
In this type of urticaria, itching occurs after rubbing such as rubbing or touching the skin.
Heat may aggravate this itching.
The Weals and red marks are also frequently present at the scratch site, usually for less than an hour.
He added: antiamine can block the role of tissue Amine, reduce itching and rash in most people, but not completely relieve urticaria.
If urticaria occurs frequently, it is best to take antihistamine regularly every day.
There are many different types, including non-
In addition to the short-acting and long-acting types, there are also calming and calming antipersonnel.
As long as urticaria persists, antihistamine tablets can be taken.
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