drc frees pro-democracy activists after year in jail - touch screen whiteboard-ITATOUCH-img

drc frees pro-democracy activists after year in jail - touch screen whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-20
drc frees pro-democracy activists after year in jail  -  touch screen whiteboard
According to local media reports, four activists of the opposition Filimbi movement were released in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Tuesday after being imprisoned for one year, a few days ago
Presidential election postponed
Capone Beni, coordinator of the group, and three of his colleagues were released from the United Nations prison at Jinsha MARKAL.
Said Okapi.
They were arrested on December 30, 2017 after calling for a protest march against President Joseph Kabila.
On September, they were sentenced to one year in prison for crimes such as "Offending the head of state.
Before the verdict, they were held in a hidden place for several months.
Another movement against change (Lucha)
On Tuesday, they welcomed their liberation, saying that their verdict was "unjust" and that it was ordered by Kabila.
"The prison did not weaken us, instead it made us stronger," Lucha said . ".
The presidential, legislative and provincial elections will be held on Sunday, resolving twoyear-
The old crisis in his future.
But the national election supervisor ordered a week.
It was delayed for a long time, accusing a warehouse fire of burning the voting machine and the ballot paper designated for Kinsa.
Opposition candidates are concerned about the use of electronic voting machines, which they fear will lead to massive fraud.
The election authorities say the machines will make voting more efficient.
On Tuesday, several opposition candidates urged the country's mobile phone operators to disable any SIM cards they believe will allow officials to use in machines that transmit the voting results of the machine before Manual statistics.
The terminal has a touch screen where voters can click on candidates they like.
After the election was postponed, Filimbi issued a statement calling on the public to mobilize against the "electoral scam carried out by the regime in cubila ".
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