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dreamworks animation partners with fuhu on new tablet - digital art tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-15
dreamworks animation partners with fuhu on new tablet  -  digital art tablet
DreamWorks Animation SKG is premiering its first tablet, which will teach kids how to be their own animator. The Glendale-
The creators of Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar films work with El Segundo --based Fuhu Inc.
Create DreamTab that is advertised as state-of-the-
An art tablet designed for children. The 8-inch by 12-
Inch device with new 4.
The Android-based 4 Kit Kat operating system will allow children to watch movies, TV shows and play games through a variety of innovative parental control and educational tools.
Fuhu is the best person to create this award.
Win the Nabi tablet
DreamTab will be unveiled next week at CES tech conference in Las Vegas, which will be sold in stores for less than $300 this spring.
Face to watch 2014: the original game of digital media, "Dragon learning", an education
The player online experience will feature the studio's "How to Train Your Dragon" series.
The tablet also includes a "become an artist" program that teaches kids how to do it in one-on-
A video conference with DreamWorks animator.
"Fuhu caught our attention when they went public because they were single
Great strides have been made in the field of innovation in science and technology for children;
As their company grows, we see an incredible opportunity to work with them to take the entire tablet experience to a whole new level, "Jim Müller, head of animation digital strategy for DreamWorks ·
"DreamTab not only presents compelling challenges for our film producers and artists, creating content for this new media, but also presents compelling challenges for our engineers and innovatorsin-
Working with the Fuhu team to develop consumers-
"Face the side of this breakthrough technology," Mainard added . ".
Jim Mitchell, ceo of Fuhu, said, "The strategic alliance with DreamWorks Animation and the creation of DreamWorks is a major game change that takes child technology to a whole new level.
Similar to the pioneering nature of Fuhu, there are founders-
The innovative spirit of DreamWorks Animation permeates the studio, inspiring them to create compelling content, regardless of the media.
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