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e.on targets innovations for smart energy future - digital smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-12
e.on targets innovations for smart energy future  -  digital smart board
FRANKFURT (Reuters)-
Largest electricity supplier in Germany
ON wants smart home to become a smart business in a decentralized, low-cost world
Carbon energy market.
That's why it worked with the United States this week. S.
Technology giant Microsoft will produce a digital dashboard of all electrical equipment in the home, from heating systems to solar panels to battery storage systems to electric vehicles.
Sales are scheduled to begin next year, E. G.
ON's home energy management system will be one of a range of products offered by large German utility companies eager to increase profits from the network of millions of electricity and gas customers.
German utilities face the prospect of a fixed gain by simply selling electricity, offering products such as smoke alarms, electronic door locks, electric vehicle charging kits, and more. Broadband, and even the quality services offered by Amazon, can bring higher returns.
They also try to get as many new customers as possible to join in and build brand loyalty for the time when complex smart homes are the norm rather than the exception --
Need cutting
Edge technology for efficient operation. Since E.
In its announced plan to merge with rival Innogy, it strengthens its competition with Vattenfall, EnBW and small utilities to convince German customers to replace suppliers, ipad washing machines or hundreds of euros in cash are available.
E. ceo Victoria ossanick said: "Today's customer value is different from three to four years ago because customers become more active . "
In the retail sector of Germany, Energie Deutschland.
A study by McKinsey, a consulting firmmckinsey.
Com display, pre-
Income before interest and tax (EBIT)
From downstream electricity activity in the EU to 2025, it will grow third to 20 billion euros in 10 years.
But McKinsey's Tiziano Bruno says none of these increases will come from traditional power supplies, and he is one of the authors of the study published on May.
Bruno said the growth would come from 5 billion euros ($5. 9 billion)
Value of energy efficiency services rose to 9 billion-
That's why utilities are in the loop-
New products are now available to customers.
Investors welcome this shift when power companies have suffered operating losses and fossil fuels due to years of poor performance --
The fuel plant was driven out of the market by renewable energy, low in Germanycarbon energy.
"German utilities have woken up and are working to ensure that the client side does not slip through their fingers," said Thomas Deser, fund manager at the joint investment Alliance --investment. com/home.
Save html for 1. 4 percent of E. ON's shares.
"If they can combine software, hardware, and services, there is a good chance that they will continue to work with their customers. ” E.
There are already 6 million private residential accounts in Germany.
In addition to companies, municipalities and cities
Its drive for new customers helped it increase by 50,000 in the first six months of 2018.
Once merged with Innogy next year, it will have a customer base of 50 million European retail customers in the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic and other countries, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.
Engaged in similar offensive, there are 3 Vattenfall.
German power minister Tumo hartaka told Reuters this month that 5 million German home Power accounts have increased by 100,000 electricity and gas customers so far this year. EnBW has 5.
There are 5 million family clients in Germany.
One of the challenges facing large utilities is to ensure that they are able to capture new customers and make the cost of getting them valuable --
Develop brand loyalty for the future.
Germany's Federal Bureau of Investigation (Bundesnetzagentur), a regulator in many industries such as electricity and gas, said on the 4 th.
In 2016, 6 million people switched power accounts.
4 million negotiate terms for improvement with existing suppliers.
Ralf Kurtz, partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers www. pwc.
It is estimated that the power company will need to retain new customers for at least two years in order to make the work feasible.
Utilities then need to make sure that the products they offer enable people to manage their energy supply in an effective way --
Instead of having spoilers with consumer data and digital market experience steal shows.
Announced an agreement with Microsoft to create a digital dashboard for electronic devices
The European market for home management systems is 40,000 per year, but it could rise to at least 200,000 in three years, said ON.
E. said: "digitalization, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence provide us with new opportunities to provide customers with higher efficiency and convenience . "
Board member Karsten Wildberger. ‘UTILITY-IN-A-BOX’ State-
Has the development bank KfW www. kfw. de/kfw. de-2.
In a study last month, Html said that while only 11% of German households use smart energy devices to optimize power and heat consumption, 57% can imagine using smart energy devices.
Unlike other EU countries such as Italy and the UK, digital smart meters that monitor consumption and feed back data to power suppliers have not yet taken off in Germany.
Germany's expected demand for more smart energy devices is why big power companies are looking for promising start-ups in the market to ensure they stay ahead.
Uli Huener, head of innovation at EnBW, said: "It is unlikely that an organization that must be involved in the day-to-day business will simply generate disruptive innovation . ".
It uses three.
It allows employees to develop ideas in the internal "incubator", and it has invested 100 million euros in the EnBW start-up fund to buy a minority stake in the start-up, an in-house company builder has also been set up to help launch and run innovative ideas.
A Department of E.
On the phone: agile said on Wednesday it had chosen six European start-ups with energy-related products for one of three companies
A one-month sponsorship program designed to launch a pilot program that could lead to commercial products. E.
ON has cooperated with companies such as tado www. tado.
Com and Nuki nuki.
Io/en offers smart products such as thermostats and electronic door locks, and last month it also joined EnBW and IBB, an investment bank in Berlin, for startup lumenza www. lumenaza. de/en.
The German software company has developed a system called utilities. in-a-
Groups that monitor renewable energy production, manage balanced supply and demand, connect renewable energy producers with customers and organize boxes for billing.
In Germany, creating a digital market for renewable energy suppliers from wind farms to households is seen as an important opportunity, where there is already one.
7 million private households with solar panels.
"Realizing that the energy future is green, decentralized and decentralized, has now reached the top management level," said Christian Chudoba, general manager of Lumenza . ".
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