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editorial: attack the plan, not the man - a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-11
editorial: attack the plan, not the man  -  a smart board
Give credit —
But not full marks.
To Marin Schmidt, senior education minister, he has pushed forward post-education issues
Secondary finance on the home page.
After the can bear
Secondary education should be placed on the agenda of any government, especially as with the national development plan, emphasizing the importance of a smart and skilled workforce for economic diversity.
On Monday, Schmidt attacked the University of Alberta board's decision on Friday to cut discretionary spending, while raising tuition fees for international students, rent for student dormitories and expenses for meal plans. Fair enough.
It is reasonable to question some measures that may prevent some students from reaching the United States.
But Schmidt continues to scold your president, David Turpin, for accepting his $824,000 salary and benefits at the same time.
"I'm worried about seeing the president pay out of his pocket while cutting classroom and student spending," Schmidt told reporters . ".
It is fair to criticize the plan;
It is wrong for him to attack this person in this personal way, because he has received U-approved compensation from the commission appointed by province.
Turping is one of the highest paid university presidents in the country, but the United States believes it needs to offer competitive compensation to recruit high-quality candidates for the province's flagship university.
The salary of college executives has been readjusted.
As part of what the government has not yet assessedto-
Review the salaries paid by institutions, boards and commissions.
This is an important background.
Schmidt should ask if A's U is doing everything in its power to control its administrative costs, which account for A higher proportion of the budget than the University of Calgary, and why the costs-
Savings are necessary this yearto-
Increase in annual operating grants and compensation for funding shortagesYear government-
Mandatory tuition freeze
S. government has refuted in the media that it cannot subsidize international fees, accommodation and meals programs with domestic tuition fees or government subsidies, $14
Millions of structural deficits continue to grow.
It also says it faces cost pressures on carbon taxes and raising the minimum wage
They are all implemented by the government.
It is also important to note the top level of the provinceto-
The bottom review of the education funds promised to be released last fall is not visible.
This direction covers all aspects of tuition and international student tuition, which is helpful to the United States
Obviously, Schmidt and the United States have a lot to talk about --
No individual.
The local editorial was the unanimous opinion of the magazine's editorial board, which consists of Mark Ian, Dave bradenridge, Sarah o'donner and Bill Ma.
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